A129 freedom

Written by Leon. Leon is an experienced Jewrotica writer. For more of Leon’s work, check out The Well and Sh’ma B’mita.

Rated RLying in bed after the alarm has rung
Imagining that you are beside me.
Feeling me instantly stir and rise
Taking you into my arms again,
Where you were when we fell asleep,
And wake you with me inside you
Rocking you gently to the rhythm of love
Taking you on an early morning flight
Into the blue, blue sky
Free, free.
And as your narrow place squeezes*
On my uprisen staff
The sea will part
And we will be free.

* In Hebrew the word Egypt is Mitzrayim, which literally means the Narrows. The exodus from Egypt can be understood metaphorically as the birthing process – passing out of the womb (House of Bondage), down the birth canal (crossing the Red Sea) into the big unknown (desert).

I am a late-comer to poetry especially Jewish-laced love poetry. In the last two years I have written about 50 such poems that I am now trying to publish under the title - The Metaphysics of Love. They are about love - love for women as a metaphor for the Divine love - sometimes employing very erotic images inspired by the Song of Songs and Kabbalistic literature.