The Purim Party

Purim Piece 2

The women undress Moshe as he takes in their bodies. Breasts, arms, legs, feet. That forbidden area of pleasure. Different skin tones. Different smells. The ivory woman boasts a tangle of blond hair between her thighs. The bronze woman has skin the color of certain plums. The blue woman’s nipples are pink and stiff.

He slips into the tub, “ahh”ing slightly with the pleasure of the hot water. His mysterious companions rub lotion all over his body and start to massage each other. They still have their masks on, and he does not know what their faces look like. He is very aroused, his desire has grown, and he is focusing on the touch, on the feel, on the scent of three women combined into one. Electrical impulses start to fire in his brain. He continues to focus on the three women. He feels their bodies. He feels their freshly shaven legs.

They grab his cock, which has been stiff and aching for hours. They start kissing him and each other, their tongues sliding slowly over his lips, his teeth, his ears and neck and chest. One woman grabs a nipple between two long fingers, and twists. Moshe inhales sharply with pleasure.

Who are these women? What do they do? What do they like? What do they believe?

Who cares?

One of the women yells out “oy gevalt,” and Moshe loses track of time: one second, guilt. Two seconds: surrender. Three seconds: total relaxation.

Moshe falls forward in his chair. He opens his eyes and looks at the clock. He is still in his study. It is Purim, and he needs to get back to studying Jewish philosophy.

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