Passed Over Into Us

A127 PassedOverPoem

Written by Sensual and Sassy. Sensual and Sassy is a first-time Jewrotica writer who is a sexy, smart, Jewish woman writer, photographer, social media marketer, educator and change maker. Sensual and Sassy believes in the mitzvot and thinks they should be mixed up, shaken, stirred, and lived in modern times.

Sensual and Sassy loves the idea of writing erotica because it gets a person’s mind reeling and thinking of the infinite possibilities contained in the written or spoken word piece. It allows the reader’s mind to expand and explore a piece of possible forbidden and bring a smile to their face. It is real, raw, and beautiful all in one. Sensual and Sassy loves combining Judaism and erotica because we as Jews are commanded to love, honor, procreate, and celebrate life and love! What better way to express it than through this amazing website and through writing/speaking one’s innermost desires? Chag Sameach!

[Editor’s Note: This piece is meant to be presented as spoken word. Check out the embedded video below the poem to hear Sensual and Sassy speak “Passed Over Into Us”.]

rating_xxxYou can’t have pasta
But you can eat lots o’matzah and enjoy the crunch
while you munch
On me…

Sipping your wine (1st cup)
That is so fine while you dine
and recline on my soft pillows
of my full chest
just rest (ahh!!)
and be in a state of FREE

tell the story of our journey
in the desert for 40 years
while you nibble my ears
and caress my lips
take another sip (2nd cup)

and smile because
you are FREE inside of ME
there is no bitter only sweet
juicy nuts and wine combined so fine

Pumping, grinding, relaxing,unwinding, and

Each morsel, each plunge
As your strong hard parsnip pushes
Against my soft macaroons causing me to gasp
Breath and sip more of this fine wine (3rd cup)

I can’t say Dayenu As I contain you within my tight wet
juicy pulsating vibrating clit
and I sit
and gyrate
pushing and pulling you closer
to Heaven’s gate

the doors to the Holy Land
where your engorged parsnip, nuts and wine
will pause
and wait
for me to alleviate the incredible sweet
juice that is filling up
and overflowing and ready to pour out
onto you (4th cup)

take a lick
take a few
as I spew my yummy free beauty
and remind you that
you and me
have now
into Us.

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