My Chagall Poetry

A116 chagall
Written by Ilya Prints. Ilya, a first-time Jewrotica writer, lives in Lynn, MA. Some of his other works, poems and flash fiction have been published in literary magazines including “Calliope”, “Exercise Bowler”, “Dance Macabre” and “Fine Line”.

Rated PGHis world has been crowded
with strange images and symbols.

Blue-and-white angels over wretched land.
The sage with the eyes of the saint and martyr,
with Torah scroll in his work-worn hands.
Purple lovers with twisted heads,
floating in blue dreams over the shtetl with winding streets and squalid sheds.
Ridiculous bird, the donkey, or cows,
with human-sad eyes…all that is our
inverted world – in fireworks of colors!
And, the climax, as the singing soul of the artist –
the sobbing but not downhearted violin!

Who can yet love or feel for another,
stop for a moment in your bustling whirl.
Close your eyes. Open your heart.
And you will see and hear this world.

Ingrown in the ground,
lopsided small houses,
uneven crooked windows,
and fences, and roofs,
and bushes
-all drowsing.

And floating over
the rooftops in light mist,
clutching with green hands
a violin with a bow,
the fiddler plays,
a violet violinist,
and sad and joyous
melody pours.

It flies over the country,
from bygone age to the future,
born in the violet-
gray-brown-green picture
of the naive dreamer
in ridiculous robe,
the song of love,
the song of hope.

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