Early Talkie

A98 early talkie

Written by Yermiyahu Ahron Taub. Yermiyahu, a first-time Jewrotica writer, is the author of three volumes of poetry, Uncle Feygele (Plain View Press, 2011), What Stillness Illuminated/Vos shtilkayt hot baloykhtn (Parlor Press, 2008; Free Verse Editions series), and The Insatiable Psalm (Wind River Press, 2005).

Yermiyahu’s English-language poems have appeared in numerous publications, including Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Eclectica Magazine, Flutter Poetry Journal, Free Verse, The South Carolina Review, and Stone’s Throw Magazine. His Yiddish-language poems have appeared in such publications as Der Bavebter Yid, Five Fingers Review, The Forward, Jews, Lilliput Review, Queer Poets Journal, Tsukunft, and Yugntruf. He was honored by the Museum of Jewish Heritage as one of New York’s best emerging Jewish artists. One of his poems was nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and two were nominated for the Best of the Net award.

Rated RHere we are; look see us.
The forces in the world
arrayed against this possibility,
plush with
lashes, prisons, beheadings, hangings, stonings,
and verses fluorescent across centuries,
have been unable to prevent this culmination.
Look at you with your lips unwavering towards mine.
Listen to you reciting words
whose meaning I recognize but cannot fathom.
What know I of this kind of love?
Your arms gather me up as if I am of goose down,
when I am only goosey with you,
your refusal to let history define us,
your ax hack in this thicket of tumult.
Let the hyenas snicker outside;
let the mob with Book in fist cry out in impotence.
They too are welcome.
They shall merely enhance our merry say you.
No one else shall enter here your beard whispers.
My cock shall enter you, biblically or not;
you shall not elude me.
All shall hear and see and therefore know.
There I’ve said it,
you chuckle further into the lens:
Unplug your ears;
the sound shall not go mute.
Feast your eyes;
the camera shall not pan away.

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