Beast Within Me: A Virgin’s Lament

A101 beast within me

Written by Margo Konikoff. Margo is a first-time Jewrotica writer.

Rated PGThere is a truth within me
A blinding all consuming truth that I have been


The animal raging within me
Tearing me apart from the inside
And yet I still keep her
Blinded by Faith
Bound by the ropes of Sanctity
They are lies
She cannot see the truth of fear
The terror of vulnerability

There is no other way
Or so I’ve told myself ever since I’ve begun to want

I cannot just let her out
To stretch and warm her cramped muscles

I am terrified at what she will do
When I remove the blindfold
Untie the ropes
Give her the escape she’s so been waiting for

She’ll explode from my skin
In my place
A pulsing raw and ripe needy thing
With no mind but to be satisfied
No regard for the pain she’ll cause me
Until satiated, lying curled on her side
She will rumble with contentment

Regret and sorrow and quaking fear
Will flood
As I return.

I do not want to lose


How can I let myself go
If I do not trust myself to stop
When my mind says to

How can I let myself go
If I do not trust him to stop
When my mind says to

Even when my body says don’t ever stop

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