Happy Thanksgiving from the Jewrotica Team!

Thanksgiving Pie

It’s that classic Thanksgiving question: What are you grateful for?Rated PG

Earlier this week, each Jewrotica team member took a few moments to reflect on and appreciate the blessings in our lives.  We wish for you, dear readers, a holiday filled with love, family, friends, compassion, gratitude and great food!


Ayo Headshot UpdatedAyo:  What a wild and unexpected year this has been!


I am thankful for the incredibly supportive friends and family who have been there for me during life’s transitions this summer and fall.  I am thankful for the opportunity to sing my heart out every week as the newest member of my neighborhood’s black gospel choir.  I am thankful for campfire-burning, guitar-playing, hippie-filled cuddle-puddles-gone-right with friends in Austin.  And I am grateful to the amazing Jewrotica team for making my dream of this project a reality.



David:  I am thankful for having grown up in Canada, where we don’t celebrate American Thanksgiving. I am thankful for living in Israel, where we also don’t celebrate American Thanksgiving.




Sarah:  I am thankful for strong coffee, and even stronger friends. For nights spent with the man I love, and  for the nights with my children who keep it real. I am thankful the morning after it rains, when the skies are clear and you can small the jasmine. I am thankful for my hooker boots that take me where I want to go. In step and in metaphor. And I am thankful for the love that radiates all around me.


Adi:  I am thankful for REALLY GOOD (dystopian) teen novels, home-cooked vegan Thanksgiving-themed feasts (mushroom gravy! MUSHROOM GRAVY!), my tall drink of water, and the opportunity to work with such a talented and motivated team at Jewrotica.



Larisa:  I’m thankful for amazing music that adds a spark to my life. I’m thankful for my hubby who encourages my wild ways. I’m thankful to be part of such a rocking, bad-ass team of true professionals. We put all the other virtual teams to shame with our problem-solving skills, timely communication and hard work that we willingly and passionately put into this project! Gobble gobble 😉


Mara:  I’m thankful for living my dream and pursuing my passion, teaching sexuality education with a twist of Jewish values.

Tamar:  I am thankful for cozy nights in bed with my gentleman caller, amazing books, fulfilling and fun work, and my tough-as-nails family. Also: pretty darn thankful to God for putting me on this earth that is so full of beauty, so inspiring.




Karalyn:  I am thankful for my vibrators (yes that’s plural…), for my job, for friends who believe in me and my writing, for beer (I can’t imagine life without it) and for having the amazing opportunity to write for and be a part of the Jewrotica team without anybody knowing my real name.



Founder and editor of Jewrotica, Ayo spent the past two years full-time RVing North America with her Jewish educational film program. Ayo alternates between intensely pursuing fun new experiences and equally intensely trying to do good by people. She would love to hear from you.