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Rated PGHello beautiful people and a smoky hot welcome to Jewrotica – your home for all things Jewish and sexy!

I had toyed with the idea of Jewrotica for almost two years until finally taking a giant leap of faith and pitching the idea at the 2012 ROI Summit in Jerusalem this past summer.  The response was overwhelmingly positive and I decided that it was time to make Jewrotica a reality.

Over the past three months I have assembled a diverse, talented and marvelously mischievous team that will serve up everything from rabbinic responses to topics like homosexuality and kink to reflections on relationships to straight-up erotic content.

Jewrotica writings span a number of categories including reflective pieces like Sex and Holiness, groan-worthy awkward pieces like The Rabbi and the Vibrator, helpful reviews like Grindr for the Jews?, pithy confessions like one Teaneck guy’s memorable Pesach at the Biltmore and of course naughty adventures such as the highly sensual Kissing the Veil or the more forcefully sexual Any Given Morning.

In order to be sensitive to our diverse audience, all pieces of writing (excluding confessions) are rated and tagged as PG, PG-13, R or XXX.  The rating system allows us to be both inclusive and all-encompassing, and empowers the reader to choose the pieces most appropriate for themselves.

Jewrotica was designed as a beautiful blend of kodesh (sacred) and chol (day-to-day).  For more information on this, you may want to check out the “But isn’t erotica dirty?” question in the FAQ and then join in the conversation!

Ultimately, Jewrotica will be what you – the readers and writers – make it.  We are thrilled to launch this week, will begin officially accepting submissions on Wednesday October 10th, and are looking for writers of all backgrounds as well as a rockstar reader to come onboard as our Judaic Outreach Director.

Stay tuned for Jewrotica prizes, contests and workshops to be announced in the coming days and weeks.  Until then, tell your friends about the site, pick up your Jewrotica swag and write something spicy or sweet that will tantalize the senses and leave us wanting more!

Light and Love,

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and the Jewrotica Team!

Founder and editor of Jewrotica, Ayo spent the past two years full-time RVing North America with her Jewish educational film program. Ayo alternates between intensely pursuing fun new experiences and equally intensely trying to do good by people. She would love to hear from you.


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