JDate… Online Dating From a Male Perspective

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Written by Adam R. Adam is a first-time Jewrotica writer. This piece was recently posted on LoveKudos.com
Rated PGTuesday, September 18th 2012 was a big day in my life. Not only did I run out of the peaches and chipotle cheese spread bought from HEB the week before, but I did something I thought I would never do in my life.
I joined JDate.
The term “JDate” alone makes some cringe. It evokes scenes of Jewish mothers, sitting together at a Mah Jong game, conjuring up creative adjectives for profiles unbeknownst to their sons or daughters. And these same mothers setting their children up for a date filled with more awkwardness than Kris Humphries at the Kardashian family reunion. Maybe I should’ve joined something with a less cringe name, such as LeoList, that also isn’t solely used for dating. It just makes the whole thing seem less formal.
On JDate, you’ll find a guy that may or may not look like a mix of Seth Rogan’s body type with the social skills of Brick Tambland that is trying to make himself sound like a member of the Rat Pack. There may also be guys on there who are quick to catch a case of oneitis, where they are just obsessed with you.
Or a girl who swears she’s outdoorsy when all she really means is that she likes to watch the Real Housewives on her apartment porch, iPad and cold drink in hand with an apartment view of the local bar scene.
So I definitely exaggerated on that last paragraph. But as you can probably tell, I’m not holding out much hope. I certainly won’t be putting all of my eggs in one basket, either. A friend has recently told me about Skipthegames.app, which sounds like the perfect app for when I get sick of conventional dating. Which I almost certainly will.
Point is, JDate – like most dating sites we see commercials for – is intimidating, especially being that its business focus is one small demographic. While JDate can essentially be equivalent to Craigslist casuals in places like New York City, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv, the problem arises in cities with smaller Jewish populations where your “matches” are essentially the men/women you go out with on the weekends, with little hope or interest of actually dating, so realistically it might just be wiser to looking at local singles meetup events.

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