Confession #6 – Toronto, Canada

Masturbating in Shul Bathroom

As a youngster in between puberty, I was dragged by my parents to attend shul. Having hated going on Saturday because I valued sleeping in, watching TV and eating breakfast, I always made faces and grumbled about going. It was a good way for me to prepare for bar mitzvah but a horrible way to spend morning and afternoon Saturdays at a congregation with older people and young kids running around.

I tried to dodge the service – going out and walking around the synagogue just to pass the time – but sooner or later my dad would come out and drag me back into the service prayer. I resented that a lot.

One Saturday I found an exit plan by going to the bathroom and just hanging there. The night before I was watching scrambled Pay-Per View late night porn and got an erection from remembering a scene that you could somehow make out the picture. Having also been at an age where you trade your briefs for boxers, I got a pair of polyster boxer shorts which made sort of stimulated erections in my pants.

One thing led to another in the bathroom stalls and I started playing with the ‘little one’ after remembering that scene from the scrambled pay per view porno. Lo and behold…I had my first orgasm, at the pinnacle of my puberty…. in a bathroom stall of the synagogue. Years went by and I still don’t know if this was a good or bad thing. I try to think that it’s just part of growing up and that sex is pleasurable, but masturbation is a sin…. I do wish I found a better place, possibly my room to get my first orgasm, but unfortunately… a bathroom stall, in a synagogue was the place.

What can I say….. Oy Vey!

– Male, 29, Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

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