Echad Itach – One With You

A140 IsraelPoem

Written by Sensual and Sassy. Sensual and Sassy is an avid Zionist and Jewish educator who just experienced her first Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut in Israel.

Sensual and Sassy led a Taglit Birthright trip in 2006, and feels blessed to be back in the Holy Land especially during the 65th birthday of Israel. Sensual and Sassy honors Israel and who she is as country, and connects it with her own sensuality as a modern and innovative Jewish woman.

For more poetry by Sensual and Sassy, check out Passed Over Into Us. This piece was first published on 4/23/13 in honor of Israel Independence Day.

Echad Itach – One With You

Rated PG-13I’m in love
with your body

Hard and rigid
but supple and warm

Flowing from your center
Oozing your delicious sweet juices

of milk, honey and nectar
to the far reaches of your esprit de corps

I’m in love
with your eyes

a delectable mixture
of dark chocolate, skyblue, charcoal black
and emerald green

like your sea which washes
each wave over my lev, my heart
and my neshama, my soul

I’m in love
with your caress
Tough yet gentle
from years of hard labor

Building each brick, each stone
that was laid for your temples, your office, your homes
your sanctuaries
of lust, love, desire, and wanting

I’m in love
with your smell
Sweet and flowery
Strong and musty
Fresh and breezy

Causing me to inhale sharply and deeply

I’m in love
with your vibrations

Low deep moaning as you sway
against the thousand year old stone

Large loud trills of your tongue
as you dance and celebrate life’s joys

Short intense staccato
as you tap your fingers against animal hide

and silence as you freeze in time
remembering your fallen

I’m in love
with your taste

Your tongue graces my mouth with
sweet, tart, tangy and sour

each morsel is absorbed
slowly bit by bit

my lips smack together in utter delight
aware of the bliss that I swallow

with pure intention and upward gaze

I’m in love
with the whole of you
as your waves push and pull me
high over your hills
and deep in your valleys

twisting and turning causing me
to breath harder and faster
knowing each sense each wonder
brings me to a higher state

as I climb higher and higher
ready to explode my
deliciousness onto you
spreading my sweet

into each corner
each crevice

becoming Echad Itach – One With You.

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