Waters of Life

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Written by Leon. Leon is an experienced Jewrotica writer. For more of Leon’s work, check out Across the Void, The Well and Freedom.

Rated PGThe Waters of Life★

The lining of the dark cavern
Oozes with wetness
That gathers into droplets
That trickles down the walls
And runs along the floor.
Rivulets of moisture
Thick with musk
Perfumed from distant gardens
Seeping into the light
Between pillars of flesh
Along secret passageways
Like tentacles of a living organism
Searching to be shared.

From between the cracks
The waters emerge
Little rivulets of quicksilver
Finding each other;
They merge,
They strengthen.

Now a little stream
Runs down the incline
Its little legs out of control
It skips and dances
Giggling and laughing
Her hair thrown back
Her face aglow
Bright eyes reflecting
The moon above.

Pearls of delight
Fresh and refreshing
Such joy, such joy;
Gurgling and splashing
Refreshing and sustaining,
All come to touch
To be touched and healed
By her living waters.

And on it flows
And gains in strength
As others join
Drawn by the rush,
The thrill of life.

Widening and deepening
Faster and swifter
Carrying the weary
Quenching the thirsty
Wisdom to the blind
Comfort to the agitated
Healing to the maimed;
Washing away the grief
And scum of old habits.

And as she grows and matures
So her colors intensify
And her current strengthens
And her waters run sure
With clarity of depth
And sweetness of love
Until the mouth opens
And the flow pours forth
Merging with the ocean
And the sea of All Being
Finally united
Finally returned
Finally in Love
Finally as One.

★The Waters of Life (or Living Waters) is the term associated with the Mikvah – the pool of water collected partly from rain or naturally running water, in which the act of spiritual purification takes place. In the times of the Temple any person, especially a priest, who was about to engage in a ritual act such as animal sacrifice, had to immerse in such waters. This also applied, and continues to be practiced, before sexual relations, which in this context can also be considered a sacred act. Purification through total immersion in such waters is understood to be a re-entry into the primordial fluids of the womb, to the fountain of life itself from whence we emerged – pure.

I am a late-comer to poetry especially Jewish-laced love poetry. In the last two years I have written about 50 such poems that I am now trying to publish under the title - The Metaphysics of Love. They are about love - love for women as a metaphor for the Divine love - sometimes employing very erotic images inspired by the Song of Songs and Kabbalistic literature.

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