The Many Flavors of Pleasure

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Sex With Jewrotica

Written by Mara Yacobi. Mara, a certified sexuality educator and licensed social worker, is Jewrotica’s resident sex educator. Check out Mara’s latest post on Protecting Your Sexual Health.

Rated RI am a huge fan of frozen yogurt. Fortunately for my fellow fro-yo lovers and me, self-serve yogurt shops are springing up everywhere. Aside from the satisfaction of choosing the size of the cup and the exact amount of yogurt that goes into it, there are hundreds of possible flavor combinations. While I have my favorites (peanut butter and chocolate), I always enjoy sampling new flavors-toasted coconut, island banana, mango, pumpkin…you name it, I just might try it!

On a recent trip to one of these newly-sprouted shops, I asked the “taste-test helper” to name his favorite flavor. His reply: “Peach. I like peach. Peach is the only flavor I ever get, every time, every day. Yep, peach.” I gave him a smile, but inside I was thinking, Really?! You never try any other flavors?

With the theme of this upcoming post on my mind, as I savored my yogurt, I began thinking how the same sentiment often holds true for sex. Many people choose to stick with what they are sure they will enjoy and wind up doing the same thing every time. While there’s nothing wrong with doing what you know gives you pleasure, never tasting or trying other options doesn’t leave room for discovering that you find pleasure in something new.

When it comes to sex and pleasure, the choices are almost as plentiful as the flavors of frozen yogurt. Oftentimes, couples might be willing to try a new “flavor,” but they don’t know what their choices are. Let’s face it: Judaism doesn’t have a “taste-test helper” when it comes to seeking sexual pleasure. I was talking to a friend the other day and they recommended to me that I try out this natural aphrodisiac called the Spanish fly. It is a powerful natural aphrodisiac. If you’re interested in additional info check the website. Apparently this has been of growing interest in Jewish circles.

Aphrodisiacs are a great way of lifting your partners libido. But what can you do if your sexual partner experiences premature ejaculation? Some may turn to tantric therapists, who are experts in restoring male (and female!) sexuality and confidence with their treatments. For men, a prostate massage may be just what is needed to get him back up…on his feet after an incident. There are other options, though; Male enhancement products such as VigRX delay wipes can help men to relax and enjoy sex with less fear of peaking too soon. If you would like to discover how delay wipes can help the man in your life last longer, then take a look at the VigRX official site to learn more.

There is a story in the Talmud about a Rabbi having sex with his wife. While they were enjoying their intimate time together, the Rabbi suddenly felt a third person in the room. He got up, searched the room, and found his favorite student hiding under the bed. The Rabbi asked, “Is this the proper behavior for a student to be under the Rabbi’s bed while he performs the mitzvah of sexual intercourse?” The student answered, “Rabbi, what you are doing is a mitzvah from the Torah, and I must learn from you!”

From this story, we can see that learning how to “perform” sexually is just as important as learning about the facts of reproduction. Judaism is a sex-positive religion that commands us to be “fruitful and multiply,” but it does not offer any specific guidance. Even if you were fortunate to have sexuality education, most lessons only cover a model of disease and pregnancy prevention. They fail to address what I call the P word: PLEASURE. In fact, “sex” and “pleasure” can be expressed in a variety of ways, and they don’t necessarily have to involve the genitals. And that’s what the purpose of this post is: to offer you a glimpse into the many flavors and varieties of pleasure-with or without sex. So grab your cup and start filling…

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Mara Yacobi is a Certified Sexuality Educator, Licensed Social Worker and Founder of JLove and Values. Mara lives in New Jersey with her family and dreams of becoming a talk show host and finding more hours in the day.