• At Hachi Sexit Ba’olam

    The Hebrew phrase for "you are the sexiest in the world"

  • At Hazona Sheli

    The Hebrew phrase for "you are my bitch"

  • Atzilut

    A Kabbalistic concept: one of the four realms of creation related to "emanation"

  • Avodah Zarah

    Idol Worship (Literally "Foreign Worship", prohibited by Judaism)

  • Avot

    The Jewish forefathers, including the 'original three' (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob)

  • Avraham Avinu

    Abraham, our forefather (The Biblical figure and patriarch of Judaism, who is written about in the book of Genesis)

  • B’ezrat Hashem

    The Hebrew term for "With God's Help", a phrase colloquially used amongst practicing Jews

  • B’mita

    In bed.  When used in the phrase "Sh'ma B'mita", this refers to the bedtime evening recitation of the Sh'ma prayer.

  • B’shert

    A Yiddish term for one’s soulmate (Also spelled Bashert)

  • B’tzelem Elohim

    In the image of the Divine - According to Jewish tradition, humanity was created in the image of God.