Jewrotica’s “Sexiest Rabbis of 2013″

Jewrotica’s “Sexiest Rabbis of 2013″

Written By The Duckman on October 18, 2013 [Hipster Jew]


Yesterday I read Jewrotica’s post on how they are looking for the sexiest Rabbis of 2013 (which you can nominate here!).

Now, I must preface by saying I dislike lists of Jews. Not because it’s a good tool for anti-semites (it totally is, FORBES list of richest Americans). I’m just disappointed no one at HipsterJew is ever on said lists. I guess that’s what happens when you’re too cool for mainstream Jews – they don’t make Jew Lists about you. (Side note, one time I texted myself the phrase ‘Jew List’ for a joke idea, but sent it to the wrong number. They responded are were like ‘whaaaaa?’ and I panicked and texted them ‘Schindler!’.)


I have to go ahead and support this idea. Why? Because people are getting pissed off at the title of the award. Maybe they don’t like having sexual fantasies about their religious leaders. I don’t know why. Power is sexy, and Rabbis certainly have lots of power from God or something like that. The thing is that this list has very little, if anything, to do with looks. Jewrotica is just looking for some good Rabbis who spark a flame inside their congregants. It’s all about inner beauty, which I think is something all Rabbis can get behind.

The Judaism subreddit hates this idea. People commenting on the blog post hate this idea. Which means I am putting Hipster Jew 100% behind it. Go nominate the Rabbi that inspires you the most. Even if it’s your Chabad Rabbi. And even if by ‘inspire’, we mean ‘get you horny’. C’mon. Do it.