Prayergasm: The Roadmap To Erotic Passionate Peace

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Graphic by Margarita Korol

Written by Rabbi Melinda “BracHa” Bernstein. For more Jewrotica writing by Rabbi Melinda, check out In The Bedroom of Judaism and I Am Haman’s Mom.

Rated PG-13
Right now in the Middle East, two tribes fight for the right to claim their right to own land, while Americans like myself feel the reverberating strife in the ripple waves of the cosmic fuel over which we have no control.

As so many of us internalize this disturbing upheaval, while others take on the protest role, I am doing what I know how to do best for Creator: I am “creating a fair and peaceful homeland” within my own body. At first I thought this selfish, and judged myself for the luxury of the peaceful and loving mountain I am living on. And then I let go of control.

Control is an illusion for which I’ve struggled with many years, as has our homeland… As many of you know, I am a unique form of activist whose world revolves around devotion to our Mother of Israel, to Shechinah, via sacred sexuality. With sacred sexuality, I find a world filled with Blee’Mah (the void) and it is here that passion fuels my peace within and I keep returning to her, to Mother and to myself by doing so. But it wasn’t always this way.

Last Sukkos I was evoked to create a “Blee’Mah” of the most personal kind, but I didn’t know what, for I was in a new transition. It was before Sukkos, on Rosh Hashanah when it began, for I felt very alone, lost in exile, another dark night of my soul. To add fuel to the darkness, I had been dealing with multiple layers of personal injury from the job that I had moved across the country for in 2012. Also, I had been grieving the breakup of a three week whirlwind romance with a Jewish man living in Marin County, California, just prior to Rosh Hashanah.

And so as I dug into my soul, I began exploring solo sexual Hebrew meditations for healing myself. As my Bitachon, my trust of Creator, grew, my need for control let go and the fuel of prayergasm has taken me on a whirlwind tour of my devotional soul ever since!

A few months ago, I returned to my new home in Lake County after being part of and witnessing my only daughter’s orthodox wedding. My heart swelled so deep in my chest cavity that my breath went on a tear-based forty-day intensive love story like I’ve never felt in my life. This force of nature took me so deep within the well of my sexuality that the roots of the shaman transmuted shame to light and I’ve been having bursts of erotic peace and bliss within. As I blissfully bowed down deep to the high priestess archetype and realize that a path of prayergasm is a path of deep devotion to Shechinah, our magnificent feminine face of Creator.

For decades, it has been my quest to explore outside teachings for sacred self love because Kabbalah doesn’t spell out the eros to the simple minded.

I invite you to imagine for a moment the full experience of orgasm. When we orgasm, we enter a state known as Blee’mah.Blee’mah represents a consciousness that life is filled with Creator’s wondrous sacred mystery. Blee’mah means to be “in the void” or “that without anything”. Blee’mah is the mystery and is also an illusion. For as long as I can remember, westerners have been focused on the conventional orgasm for this illusion of Blee’mah because of the lack of understanding that a deep awakening happens when we transmute this precious fluid for the purpose enlightenment. The result for many on this divine path is a greater connection to self, love, partnerships, for a Blee’mah which fuels passion to peace for all worlds.

Just as Creator created the world in seven days, prayergasm holds seven sacred experiences for you to explore each day and night. An offering for you, if you feel like you want to explore: meditate with the word Hamsa, (meaning the Hand of God/Creator) for creator is within you. Use your hands to create erotic peace and holy passion within and send your loving energy to Israel for safety and holy blessings.

Much love to you!

– Melinda Bernstein, Tantric Rabbi.

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  • Oy

    While I respect the author’s mission, I find it hard to stomach – and to get past – her opening words. “[T]wo tribes fight for the right to claim their right to own land, while Americans like myself feel the reverberating strife.” Seriously? Is that what Hamas is – a tribe fighting for the right to claim their right to own land??

    When the UN partitioned the British Mandate of Palestine in November of 1947, the Jews accepted it. That would have given the Arabs their own land, side by side with the Jewish state. The Jews were immediately attacked by 5 Arab armies, who were not satisfied with the Arabs owning SOME land — they needed the Jews to own NO land.

    Since then, he Israelis have persistently pursued the naive “land for peace” doctrine. Indeed, in 2005, they disengaged from Gaza, leaving it completely to the Palestinians, with no Israeli presence, no blockades, nothing. An opportunity for the Gazans to own land, and to develop Gaza into the “Shanghai of the Mediterranean.” However, it was not the desire of the Gazans (or at least their leadership) to merely own land. They could not abide Israel owning land next door. They thus used all of the money they received in aid to build a network of terror tunnels, and to acquire weaponry to advance the fulfillment of its mission statement: the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of the Jews.

    There are not “two tribes,” each simply seeking to own land; this is one peace-seeking nation, contending with an acknowledged terror organization.

    It is troubling to see a trend, particularly with this author, of trying to dismantle a clear sense of morality in favor of moral ambiguity. “I Am Haman’s Mom” was designed to cast Haman — the Hitler of his time, whose only claim to fame is his failed attempt to annihilate the Jews — as a character worthy of our sympathy and reconsideration. This article similarly seeks to recast Hamas as “another tribe” that simply seeks the inalienable right to “own land.” Such moral perversity cannot go unanswered.

    Finally: It is a small interconnected world, and the Jewish community is even smaller and even more interconnected. I am guessing that between the author herself, her daughter’s new in-laws, and her ex, there is someone who has a relative or loved one in the land of Israel — and not in Gaza. There were 30,000 people at the recent funeral of the “loan soldier” Max Steinberg from California, who volunteered to defend the Jewish people, and lost his life in that noble cause. His funeral was attended by thousands who did not know him – but who nevertheless considered him their brother, their son.

    Can a Jew today truly see him/herself as simply an “American,” looking on at “two tribes” warring in the “Middle East”?? Can a Jew be so numb as to what it means to be Jewish to not regard the citizens and Israel as our brothers and sisters? To not appreciate the danger that they are in? And if one is truly that selfish and disconnected, can a Jew not see what the Gaza conflict portends for Jews worldwide? The progroms, the demonstrations, the destruction, the anti-antisemitism that is brewing just below the surface, and which have NOTHING to do with Israel’s defensive actions in Gaza?

    In the author’s view, is there anyone or anything that would qualify as “evil”? Is there any act that could be condemned as terrorism? Is there any point at which this author would take a definitive stand against what is morally reprehensible, and stand up for what is right? The bending-over-backwards to show how
    open-minded we are with our “anything-goes” mentality, is a form of National suicide. Shoot us. Kill us. Annihilate us. I’m sure you have your reasons; and I’m sure you have a mother who loves you.

    We NEED to do much better than this.