Here on Earth - here on earth

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Written by Guest Author. For more writing by Guest Author, check out Eden and Tis of Thee.

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Who among you has touched the silent quivering undercurrent of love? The source of spinal shivers that senses complete supremacy over the human heart? If you’ve known it then you’ll know that true beauty beckons us to become more than just a collection of cells coming together to construct bodies. It calls on us to link the sub-molecular to the solar level.

In the garden the sun was so bright we swam through washed-out fields, gobbled fistfuls of grass, scraped our knees until our flesh ran down like ribbons. We put our hands where they shouldn’t be, blood rushing like water to places we never knew it. We discovered what it meant to have only one body.

Life calls on us to return to this form of baseless juvenilia. Here’s the truth: innocence never was. Youth was nothing more than a sad and tender dream we shared when we came into the world of senses inhabited by vessels of flesh. It was a flash of sweat and laughter, saliva and sweet secretions. Here on Earth the world burns with fire, freezes with ice, and lips, sweet lips, have the power to do both.

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