Sex with Jewrotica – An Introduction

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Sex With Jewrotica

Written by Mara Yacobi. Mara, a certified sexuality educator and licensed social worker, is Jewrotica’s resident sex educator. Check out Mara’s article on Why Jewish Kids Need Values-Based Sex Ed.

Rated PGRambam once said, “God did not create anything that is ugly or shameful. If the sexual organs are said to be shameful, how can it be said that the Creator fashioned something blemished?”*

I’m delighted to be your resident sex educator at! For over a decade I have been teaching sex education, and I look forward to enlightening you on everything you wanted to know (but sometimes were too embarrassed to ask) about SEX, sexual health, and sexual pleasure.

There’s not a lot of straightforward discussion on these topics, is there? For instance, have you ever noticed all the euphemisms for the word “sex”? Shagging, screwing, nailing, banging, doing it, doing the nasty, getting busy, getting laid, and thanks to Jersey Shore, smushing. Have I caught your attention? These are just a few of the less than complimentary terms that have been used to mean “sex.” If that hasn’t got your attention and you still unable to make out what we mean, you could find visual representation over on a site like

But it doesn’t stop there. What about all the slang terms used for penis and vagina? Dick, pecker, wiener, vajayjay . . .Even Yiddish has contributed “shtup” to the mix. We heard a lot of these slang terms growing up from our friends or on television and in the movies, but our parents weren’t really big on the straightforward language either. In fact, many parents (even these days) are ashamed to discuss sex or use anatomically correct language with their children, referring to their genitals as their wee wees, ho hos, pee pees, ding dongs, tuchas, and ta tas.

Why am I pointing out these terms? Because for many people, talking about SEX and genitals is associated with words that are considered dirty and violent or evoke feelings of embarrassment and shame. Furthermore, such demeaning language is associated with sexual harassment, negative attitudes toward men and women, and increased rates of body dissatisfaction.

Like Rambam, my goal is to reframe the dialogue we use when talking about sex and help you understand that sexuality is a positive part of our lives and has many wonderful benefits. These benefits range from lowering stress and burning calories to building pelvic floor muscles and getting a better night’s sleep. (If I peaked your interest on any of these facts, I can write more about them in a later post.) However, from a Jewish perspective, the real beauty of sexuality is God’s greatest gift of pleasure. This is a significant topic that I will discuss more deeply in a later post.

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Mara Yacobi is a Certified Sexuality Educator, Licensed Social Worker and Founder of JLove and Values. Mara lives in New Jersey with her family and dreams of becoming a talk show host and finding more hours in the day.
  • Mara, thank you for being an integral part of the Sex with Jewrotica series. The Jewrotica umbrella is quite wide, and this type of educational content is highly important and highly relevant.

    I look forward to seeing your next pieces!

  • bazbaz

    This is awesome. It adds depth to the Jewrotica mission.

    • Mara

      Thanks bazbaz- so glad to be part of Jewrotica’s sex positive mission

  • Banana

    I love this and I can’t wait to read more of what Mara has to say.

    • Mara

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more and please let me know if you have any specific topics you would like me to address.

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