Confession #8 – Jerusalem, Israel

A19 panties

When I was in yeshiva, I would stay at one of my rebbeim’s houses for some shabboses.  They were not just religious, but Mega Religious.

Anyway, they had me stay in their oldest daughter’s room (as she would sleep somewhere else).  One Friday afternoon, I dropped some money by the side of the bed.  When I went to get it, I found something that I will never forget.  I found about 5 pairs of sexy panties and thongs…  I wasn’t strong enough to conatain my yetzer hara.

Well, over the year I went to visit that Rebbe many times and enjoyed it.  I  borrowed a pair on my last shabbos and still have it!  My biggest secret is that I want to take a picture in them.

– 26, Male, Jerusalem (Israel)

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