Ayo OppenheimerJewrotica offers a variety of innovative and enticing workshops and events. Jewrotica founder Ayo Oppenheimer is a seasoned and dynamic public speaker who has presented as a keynote speaker at over 450 institutions in North America and Israel, and the Jewrotica team includes a selection of impressive facilitators with equally strong backgrounds.  Bring Jewrotica to your community today!

For a downloadable info sheet on our 2017 Workshops, Jewrotica 2017 Info Sheet.
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Invite Jewrotica to your campus or community today for:

    Jewrotica: Sanctifying Sex – A New 2017 Workshop Offering

    • What does sanctification mean?
    • Should sex always be holy?
    • Is a Jewish blessing for casual sexual encounters Judaism at its best or simply sacrilegious?
    • Includes presentation, readings & discussion.

    • Sex in the Jewish Tradition: A Dynamic & Interactive Program – A New 2017 Workshop Offering

      • What was the Bible’s first role play? Who is the first recorded cougar in Jewish history? Which Biblical hero was really into S&M?
      • What does the Jewish tradition say about sex? Masturbation? Roleplay?
      • Featuring traditional sources and wild stories you never knew from the Bible and Talmud
      • An authentic and deep conversation on Jewish tradition, sexuality in the Tanach and its relevance today

      An Evening of Jewrotica with the Jewrotica Team

      Option A) Jewrotica’s Bedside Reading

      • Featuring audience-driven live Jewrotica readings a la slam poetry gatherings
      • Anonymous confession cards distributed through the evening
      • Social mixer and recreational gathering
      • Never-seen-before Jewrotica writings
      • A scintillating address from the Jewrotica leadership team
      • Suggested Attire: Your Favorite Pajamas or Negligee!

      Option B) Sex in the 21st Century – Is Judaism Still Relevant?

      • Featuring an address from Jewrotica founder Ayo Oppenheimer
      • Providing insight into the steamy underbelly of Jewish sexuality
      • Hearing about strange and not often heard sexual stories from the Jewish tradition
      • This is beyond Kosher Sex.

      Jewrotica’s Kedoshim Tehiyu – Sex Ed 101 Jewish-style
      A Pluralistic Presentation and Discussion on:

      • Jewish framework of sanctification, blessings and the approach to sexuality
      • Body image
      • Sexual Health
      • Consent and Communication
      • How to maximize pleasure in sexual encounters

      Get Jewish. Get Sexy. Get Creative. – Jewrotica’s Drama and Writing Workshops
      Interactive and Participatory Seminars Featuring:

      • Fun Jewrotica-themed improv and drama games
      • Jewish sources on relationships and sexuality as the prompts and inspiration for creative writing and theatrical improvisation
      • Instruction in initiating improv scenes, building upon already existing scenes with other actors and creating scenes with a solid foundation and a Jewrotic twist
      • Instruction in storytelling and narrative-building techniques through the re-telling and reclaiming of our tradition’s oldest stories


Questions?  Contact David at david@Jewrotica.org