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This is where you can find the good stuff!  Our writing falls into seven different categories:

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You can also search by genre:

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Alternately, you can follow our Jewrotica columns:

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6.  Sex with the Rabbi

Every piece of writing is tagged (e.g. Hebrew School, Summer Camp, European Jewry, Orthodox Community, etc.) to describe the writing’s content in more detail.  No graphic pictures are used.

Also, in order to be sensitive to our diverse audience, each piece of writing is rated and correspondingly tagged for your reading convenience.  You can sort pieces by rating as follows:

PG pieces are considered to be appropriate for all adult audiences

PG-13 pieces may reference kissing and touching and include mild sexual jokes.  PG-13 pieces are considered to be appropriate for most adult audiences

R pieces may reference sex directly and may contain descriptions of explicit sexual scenarios.  R pieces are considered to be appropriate for many adult audiences XXX pieces contain explicit content and graphic detail.  XXX pieces may reference non-traditional sexual practices including kink and BDSM.  These pieces push boundaries and are considered appropriate for some adult audiences

Please note that posts under the Confessions category are quite short and audience-generated.  These pieces are unrated.