Sarah Silverman’s Sister Lands on Sexiest Rabbi List

Susan Silverman is celebrated by Jewrotica for her work with Women of the Wall

Susan Silverman is celebrated by Jewrotica for her work with Women of the Wall

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Written by Ashley Ramnarain on December 30, 2013 [Shalom Life]

On Monday, Jewish erotica website proves that Rabbis can be sexy too, adding Susan Silverman to their Sexiest Rabbis 2013 list.

This list aims to “highlight rabbis who are engaged in awesome and inspirational work”, according to Jewrotica’s press release. Nominees were graded on three categories “The Smarts”, “Getting Some Action” and “Badass Factor” and, apparently, Susan Silverman – sister of comedian Sarah Silverman – fulfilled them all. She earned her spot on the Sexiest Rabbis 2013 for her legendary involvement with the Women of the Wall.

In addition to her work with Women of the Wall, Susan Silverman is a mother of five children (two of whom are adopted) and also a published author, with her most recent work “Casting Lots: A Memoir of Family, Adoption, and God” focusing on her personal experience with adoption. Silverman’s next big adventure is to advocate adoption in Jeruselum.

“Everybody who fights for religious freedom is, as my Nana would say, a hot ticket,” Silverman said to the The Jerusalem Post. “And those that make care for orphans a rabbinic call-to-arms are serious about Torah. I am happy to be called a Torah-loving-hot-ticket.”

The Jewrotica list aims to challenge the conventional idea of what a Rabbi is, focusing on, “rabbis who serve to define the very best of what a rabbi can, and should, be.”

“It’s become in vogue of late for different publications to present rabbi lists,” Jewrotica selection committee member David Abitbol explained to the Post. “These lists purport to be at least somewhat authoritative and yet it seems that a lot of rabbis doing truly awesome and inspiring work get left out of these lists. Even the idea of a definitive list of top anything Rabbis is a bit of a joke if not outright offensive.”