Life of a Spiritual Being

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Written by R-Yay. R-Yay is a yid, environmentalist and adventurer and first-time Jewrotica writer. He enjoys live music and dancing with his shoes off. Here and there, he is imbued with the spirit of the english language and creates words to reflect his experiences. R-yay has been described as a lover, artist, community organizer, womanizer, friend, teacher and student. His pieces reflect his journey towards Truth and his constant, but joyful, struggle with his Creator. For more pieces of his work, you can check out his blog at To read a companion piece, see The Life of a Physical Being.

Rated R


I step into the room
I wonder

Does this make sense
It will be tons of fun
but whats the point anymore

Where am I going?

It’s been a long journey to this point
Where I turn down a girl
because I don’t think we could raise children

That feeling
That feeling when it starts to feel okay again
When maybe it does make sense
We can just cuddle one more time
Kiss deeply one more time

That moment of embrace just feels so good

Growing out of the physical body
Uplifting into a spiritual realm



I cum
She screams
and we relax

It’s been a fun 15 minutes, but now is really where the love making starts
We lay there and cuddle, and everything feels shalem
There’s a feeling of wholeness
What could interrupt this most beautiful feeling

But then
we get up
put on our clothes
and start the rest of our day



There’s a heaviness I feel

But also a light joy

a feeling of bouncing around
but not going in the right direction

because for every step in that direction
who know’s where it will lead

What does it mean to be a spiritual being?

That ecstasy when i reach above
Knowing that i am walking on some path
Going somewhere
Maybe up
Maybe not

Bh, just knowing that I am walking in the right direction

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