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A193 julie


For five years, while reading
dense texts, to make
my mind alert, my fingers
wandered to my clit,
my thoughts turned to you.
Until this day, unseen.
The perfect philosophic subject
for quick release then
return to turgid theory.
Now I see you live. In person.
Lesbian #9. Which is to say,
a lesbian type.
Hair, salt and pepper.
Jacket, black, leather.
Hands, unadorned.
As you speak
(already familiar with the printed
manner of your mind)
I study your mannerisms.
They are the same
as my beloved wife’s.
In all those years of fantasy,
I never realized how close
you were at hand.

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Julie is a poet and the author of Handmade Love, Sisterhood and the editor of Milk and Honey: A Celebration of Jewish Lesbian Poetry. Julie has her MFA and PhD from the University of Maryland, and is a regular book reviewer for the Lambda Book Report and Calyx.