Any Given Morning

Any Given Morning - Naughty Adventure #1

Written by RedWarrior. The Jewrotica team has decided to keep editing to a minimum out of respect for the author’s writing and creative style. Please be advised that this piece contains graphic language and potential sexual aggression.

His beard scratched my ear in a way that sent shivers up my spine as his hand wrapped around my mouth, the tefillin marks from the morning still imprinted on his arm and hand.

“Were you a good girl while I was gone?” He whispered, his voice gravelly.

I mumbled into his hand, unable to speak. I had been cleaning when he had come home. I knew he had to be at work soon. Shacharis ends not long before his commute begins. With his body pressed against my back, he walked me into the dining room. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my lower back, straining through his suit pants. My heart beat faster as he pinned me against the table, and he bent me over into the clean tablecloth. Meanwhile, his other hand slid up the back of my skirt, the garter belt and panties he required me to wear pushed to the side as his rough hands found their way between my thighs. I whimpered against his hand now, still wrapped around my mouth. His fingers finally found their goal and I heard him chuckle as he found me wet, driven wild by his forcefulness.

“Apparently not.” He growled. I could hear the lust in his voice.

He pulled me back up to him abruptly, his hand moving from my mouth to the back of my tichel, his fingers snaking their way inside to the back of my hair, gripping it as the tichel fell to the floor. I saw his eyes, dark brown and narrowed, the need in them like fire, consuming him. He forced me to my knees by my hair, withdrawing his hand from my cunt and undoing his belt. Soon, he had his suit pants undone. It was so hot to see him, still in his suit, his hardening cock free. He pulled my head closer and I licked my lips, but I hesitated too long and he groaned, forcing his cock past my lips and down my throat, holding my head by the hair as he forced himself deeper and deeper. I gagged but then began to breathe, my only thoughts on him.

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Redwarrior is a fiery, primal creature, a woman who lives in two worlds, one in which she wears a sheitel and the other in which she wears leather. Her fantasies tend to run hottest where those two worlds collide.