Sleep, Beneath the Passover Moon

passover moon

Graphic by Margarita Korol

Written by David Podgurski. David is a first time Jewrotica author. David is a graduate of Tufts University who did his graduate work at the CUNY GS&UC, and blogs about books, writes essays, reviews and poems. Email him at or follow him on Instagram: @the_fc_bookworm

Rated PG

For Margarita Korol

What earnest mentor gave you the sense
that dreams robed in the rabbi light
of the fullest moon would break open
the pursuing cluster of nights,
once dusk sunk the suns down to spring,

And heady plans you beckoned
before in weeks of sleep would flower
in that waning, and offerings bleed
like starlight upon you, past meals,
leavening the glum fasts of afternoons
surrounding the city’s bleak river?

Whoever it was, let four cups pour
sleep in dark pearl-drops to you,
and take nights and days, like pilgrims,
forth into dreamful rest toward hours that
follow, and your prayer-plans billow
beyond, in moonglow, to another month,
and its stone, like a wanderer, exiled in the sky.

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