Eight Nights of Chanukah Fun

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217 chanukah

Night Three
Keeping It Simple

We had a nice date: S took me out to dinner and an off-broadway show. We went for a walk along the waterfront, before returning home happy but tired. We took a shower together and snuggled to sleep, with him holding me closely.

Night Four
Sweet Revenge

I came home from work to find S all dressed up in his Shabbos suit and black hat, with a very sexy smile on his face. I know he doesn’t like the get-up due to certain memories from his yeshiva days, but he knows I melt when I see him suited up like that. He came over, took my head in his hands and gave me a passionate kiss on my lips. Releasing me, he said that he had to pay me back for for what I did to him on Sunday night.

He took out a scarf, folded and wrapped it around my head, covering my eyes. He kissed me again and took my hand, leading me to the bedroom. I felt his strong arms come around me as and he picked me up and then laid me down on the bed. Taking my arms, moving them above my head, he stretched me out. I heard him whisper in my ear “if you move your arms down, I will have to tie you down and have my fun with you.”

I felt his hands on my legs under my dress, as he slowly started to massage my legs, moving up to my thighs. His fingers played around my panties. (As I just gotten back from work, these were my regular non-fancy granny panties. I wasn’t quite mortified, however I did wish I had a moment to change a few things!). His fingers provided just enough pressure without tickling me. I then felt his hands on the waistband, and he removed them quickly, leaving the dress on. Then he quickly lifted my legs and replaced them with a pair that felt much silkier and skimpier. He lowered the dress and then started to massage my belly and breasts, my blouse up to my neck. He proceeded to take my breasts out of the cups, massaging them one at a time. sometimes replacing one but not the other before moving to the next and sometimes not.

His method was varied, driving me insane (in a good way!) and getting me hotter. He then stepped away for a minute, and returned holding something buzzing. We have a variety of vibrators so I didn’t know which one was about to make the fireworks go off as I was really getting close to the edge. His hands reached under my dress again, and I felt his fingers massaging my clit and folds.

So that was it, he had put on my pair of black crotchless panties – leaving me dressed, yet naked. Soon I felt the vibrator as he stroked me with it and inserted it slowly, moving it in and out slowly, before pushing it in all the way, when I felt the other part touch me. He had wisely chosen to go with my blue rabbit ear. The rest of the night was like a sensuous dream. I just remember the wonderful sensations, and then him cleaning me off and tucking me into bed naked. I woke up a few hours later, when we had a small bite to eat before going to sleep for the night.

Day Five

The next day was uneventful. Work went smoothly – I got a new client and then came home. I lit the menorah, had some supper with S and realized that we hadn’t had any latkes yet this Chanukah – oh well. We relaxed and watched a nice little romantic comedy, and then I jumped into the shower to get ready for bed. Simple day, simple evening. As I was shampooing my hair, S knocked on the door and stepped into the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist, but wearing nothing else. “Mind if I join you?” he asked, before removing the towel, revealing his staff at full salute, and jumping into the shower with me, not waiting for a response. He took my hands and placed them against the wall and made me spread eagle as he soaped me up and washed me down, spending a long time on the sensitive areas.

When I could no longer stand, he picked me up and I put my arms around his head we made love right there against the shower window. I climaxed hanging onto his neck, with his hands on my sensitive cheeks, kneading and spreading them with the up and down movements. He then turned off the shower, and wrapped me in a dry, fresh towel. We walked back into the bedroom where he proceeded to massage my back and neck until I fell asleep.

Day Six

We always go out on Thursday night. We go to dinner, and then shop for Shabbos and anything else that comes to mind. As I only have to cook for two, the food shopping doesn’t take too long. We decided to drive out to a mall in Westchester, and I made myself comfortable in my seat for the schlep up there from Brooklyn. Traffic. Damn. I turned to S and coyly asked him for his hand. I started to stroke it as I thanked him for the past few nights of fun.

Due to taharat mishpacha / nidda laws killing twelve days a month, and then our usually-busy schedules messing with the rest of the time, we rarely spend so much time physically together as we had been this week. I took S’s hand and put it under my skirt, where he could feel my thighs. He moved his fingers around and quickly discovered that I was wearing my special lingerie. A full body stocking, with the crotch cut out for easy access. Oops, that discovery almost caused him to bump into the car in front of us, so I moved his hand away.

We returned home a few hours later. As it was getting late and we had not yet lit the menorah, S started to set it up. After lighting it he started cleaning up the area, putting something in his pocket, and dimmed all the lights. Suddenly, he grabbed me around the waist, picking me up off the floor. “You almost made me crash before, you naughty little minx,” he said. He kissed me hard and growled “you’re going to have to pay for that!” He took me to the bedroom where he deposited me on the bed and proceeded to remove my clothes, leaving me in my bodystocking. I love that thing as I am dressed yet bare, the crotch open, providing a cooling sensation when it feels on fire as it did then.

S grabbed my hands and bound them together above my head using my blouse. Pulling a ball gag from our box under the bed he whispered, “You are so stunningly beautiful, and you don’t know how much it hurts when you tease me like the way you did before,” and put it in my mouth without even tying it around my neck. (I love it when he plays rough, since he really doesn’t know how to and in actuality is as gentle as a kitten).

He stripped, revealing his muscular torso, and took the small squirt bottle we use for the olive oil out of his pocket and lubricated me. He took my legs and slung them over his shoulders as he entered me. I could see the lust in his green eyes as he pounded me holding my legs while occasionally reaching down to massage my labia or knead my breasts.

Well, it didn’t last long, and when he was finished he collapsed next to me and we started kissing. I brought my hands down from over my head and shook off the blouse tying them together. I moved back and down, slowly kissing his neck, sucking on his nipples and moving down to his belly. His erection was making a come back and we 69’d. Massaging, licking and pleasuring each other for another half hour, until we were both exhausted.

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