Teshuva, Tefila, Tzedaka – A Lover’s Guide From Rosh HaShana to Yom Kippur (Part 3 of 3)

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A192 RoshHashanah III


“Do we have a safe word?”


“Apples? Seriously?”

“It’s festive enough.”

“Good point. Are you ready?”


“Yes, ma’am,” Hannah said with a serious voice. “This is how you address your punisher. If you fail to do so, there will be consequences. Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Malka answered.

Hannah wasted no time grabbing Malka’s hips, forcing her forward. Roughly, she undid the buttons of both shirt and pants and yanked them off. Their breath mingled and their eyes met as she unhooked the exposed bra.

Malka swallowed loudly feeling the fire on Hannah’s eyes, noting she chose to remain fully clothed.

She tied the blindfold behind Malka’s head, her hands lingering against dark hair, then pulling it backwards and forcing Malka to lie on the bed.

“Now remember. You will be judged by your performance. If you please me, you will be rewarded. If you don’t… well, let’s say you don’t want to know what will happen. Am I being clear?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good girl. Now arms above your head, and be quiet. You are not allowed to talk.”

She felt silk being tied around her right wrist, stretching her arm away from her body as Hannah tied it to the headboard. The same action was made with her other wrist; then Hannah pulled the silk testing the restrains and humming in consent with the result.

For the longest time, Malka could only hear Hannah walking back and forth, placing things on top of the nightstand, making her fidget on her spot. Finally she felt the mattress dip beside her and without warning, something cold and metallic was clamped around her nipples. She wanted to cry out, but she knew better.

Not giving her time to dread what would come next, Hannah picked something else and teased Malka between her thighs with it. Then she hit her with it on the side, right below her breast. It felt like some kind of multi-tailed whip and it hurt, but not unbearably so. It made her skin tingle and her senses awaken, pending what was about to come.

Hannah twirled the whip over Malka’s torso and breasts, then striking her again on the other side. Then again and again until she felt her whole body on fire.

She felt excessively aroused and her excitement level way overboard. When Hannah yanked her underwear off, leaving her completely exposed and completely at her mercy, Malka squirmed and began closing her legs to rub her thighs together, but strong hands stopped her before she could even finish the thought.

“Uh huh, you were being such a good girl… You will get what you want. Eventually.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Malka managed to say, struggling with every syllable.

This new version of Hannah was arousing her to no end, and even though she had barely touched her, she could feel herself dripping already.

“Please,” Malka cried when she felt Hannah nuzzling between her thighs, near where she wanted her the most, but not near enough. Malka could feel the hot breath on her skin and she was sure she’d die on the spot unless Hannah touched her properly.

Without warning, Hannah pushed what could only be a synthetic dick inside Malka causing her to arch her back and bite her lip so hard she could feel the copper taste in her mouth. Hannah trailed her fingers through Malka’s inner thighs lightly—cruelly, Malka thought—until a finger reached its destination and pressed steadily against Malka’s clit, while her other hand maneuvered the dildo.

She heard the click sound but didn’t register it until a fraction of a second later, when the dildo starts vibrating against her walls.

It took Malka just a few seconds to come, her body tightened as the orgasm washed through her. Jerking over the bed, her breath coming in shallow gasps.

Hannah released one wrist and then the other, and proceeded to unclasp the nipple clamps, leaving the blindfold for last. Malka stretched her sore arms and wrapped them around Hannah’s neck, kissing her soundly.

“So, oh punisher of mine,” she said, her voice still shaky. “Am I forgiven for my sins?

Feeling completely sated, Malka didn’t wait for the answer and spun themselves around to have her wicked way with the overdressed woman.

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