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Beautiful friends,

Rated PG-13As a new year approaches, we would like to thank you for being part of this community and wish you a year full of blessing, love, success, pleasure and transcendence! Rosh HaShana and the holidays that follow are often a time of reflection and of setting hopes, dreams and goals for the coming year.

We asked our team members:

What is your Rosh HaShana resolution, and / or what are you hoping for (to achieve, complete, or just any hope you have!) in the new year?

Ayo Oppenheimer

Ayo Oppenheimer

Oh, Lord. My main resolutions are to spend time with family and continue to help others and do good, but in small ways – not monumental ones. My unspoken (but I suppose now written) resolution is to do a bit less. I tend to take on a lot of things simultaneously (projects, hobbies and social obligations). Though I often thrive on being busy, in the new year I hope to scale back and embrace a slightly slower pace.

Dr. Limor

Dr. Limor

Ahhh, here we go again..Another end, Another beginning, Another season, Another reason For makin’ whoopee..

Rosh Hashanah is indeed an interesting time. I personally try not to call my decision making a ‘Resolution,’ as it is too big of a word, a bit intimidating and well…not so sexy.

I tend to relate to this holiday as another turn in the road where I can decide if I speed up or slow down, stop for a few breathers or hurry to my next rest stop up ahead. The way I see it, I have an incessant dialogue with the big guy upstairs, well, I babble and he sends clues as to my inquiries, regardless – I’d like to say that we are in a firm relationship!

An interesting Rosh Hashanah custom known as Tashlikh – Casting off “sins” into a river has always been intriguing to me and I follow that habitude throughout the year, hurling my lewd tendencies in a form of a written poetic expression or a tender yet forceful night of passion with my choice of a lover… As one of my favorite writers, Anne Rice, puts it: “That was my nature – going from temptation after temptation, not to sin, but to be redeemed!”

Shannah Tova, you chosen people, you 😉 Bisous

Tamar Fox

Tamar Fox

I find Rosh Hashanah to be kind of pointless, but then I find myself making resolutions anyway. So this year I’m working on making fewer assumptions. I tend to be quick to assume all kinds of things about others, and I know it’s not fair, and does crappy things to my relationships. So I’m trying to stop. Shanah Tova!

David Abitbol

David Abitbol

My involvement in Jewrotica isn’t based on any particular expertise or interest in sexuality per se. I mean, of course the subject “interests” me, hubbuh, hubbuh… but the thing that drives me to spend time working on the site and its success, other than Ayo’s relentless energy and drive and nudging… is what Jewrotica represents, the big picture so to speak. And for me, the big picture in large measure is how Jewrotica demonstrates that Jewish innovators, possessed of boundless energy but limited resources, can get together and create something… amazing. My hope for the new year is that we continue to foster an ecosystem that allows Jewish creativity to flourish and thrive!

Emma Morris

Emma Morris

I don’t typically make resolutions, but since my Gregorian year started off on the wrong foot, I like the thought of Rosh Hashanah as a new beginning, as the real new year. A fresh start for me includes continuing to focus on my strengths and to work on things that really mean something to me, as well as accepting when things just aren’t working out. It can be hard for me to appreciate the good things in life, so I’m always trying to see the positive side of things rather than the negative.


Light and Love,
Ayo Oppenheimer - Final Version of Signature and the Jewrotica Team

Founder and editor of Jewrotica, Ayo spent the past two years full-time RVing North America with her Jewish educational film program.

Ayo alternates between intensely pursuing fun new experiences and equally intensely trying to do good by people. She would love to hear from you.

  • Raven

    I’m so fascinated with your writing – your ideas and thoughts intrigue me….enjoy your stay in Israel

  • Inbal

    חג שמח ושנה טובה!

  • Dirty Di

    Shana tova to all of you too! Hope you have a great, hot 5774!