Summer and Sex

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Written by Mara Yacobi. Mara, a certified sexuality educator and licensed social worker, is Jewrotica’s resident sex educator.

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Rated PG-13Those of us living on the East Coast are just emerging from a long heat wave. We had seven intense days of extreme temperatures and steamy weather until, finally, it happened: the skies opened up, and we found relief from a few good, wet thunderstorms. You may be asking, What does this have to do with summer and sex? What gives here?

Well, to be honest with you . . . a lot more sex. The makers of Trojan brand condoms did some research and discovered that hot weather and precipitation actually increase sexual frequency and satisfaction. So we can certainly expect to have a very busy season. In fact, their survey indicates that 83 percent of Americans rate rain as the best weather condition for sexual intercourse. Not only that, they found that hotter climates report higher rates of sexual activity, from sun-kissed Miami to piping hot Israel topping the list!

Summer always brings about a feeling that it’s time for vacation. People of all ages associate this time of the year with taking some time off. And speaking of taking things off, when it’s hot out, we often see people wearing fewer layers of clothing, which offers a sense of freedom and contributes to the lightheartedness associated with the summertime. It’s remarkable how quickly the winter blues get chased away, as sunny summer days put people in a better mood: more smiles, more socializing, more relaxing, and yes, more sex which perhaps means more use of your partners clit clamp.

Given the fact that summer is the season for sexual energy to “catch some waves,” you may find yourself getting in touch with your sexual side. Go ahead and have some fun in the sun. Maybe you and your partner could heat things up yourselves by shopping for the best vibrating cock rings for extra summer pleasure. But also be sure to stay protected. And I’m not talking about sunscreen! Here are some tips for staying cool without getting burned—in your heart or your genitals.

If you meet someone you are interested in getting to know intimately—sexually and or romantically—talk about your expectations. Let the person know if your intentions are to have a summer fling or to go for something long term. Knowing upfront where you both stand will save you and your partner a lot of drama and heartache.

Degrees of Pleasure: While most people find 68 degrees to be an ideal indoor temperature for sex, the ideal number outside is reported to be 70 degrees (Trojan Degrees of Pleasure study). While the summer does provide an opportunity to explore and/or have sex outside of the confines of the indoors without freezing, be aware of the natural surroundings. After a recent workshop, an attendee confided that she was covered (and I do mean covered) in poison ivy because a romantic evening in the wilderness gave her and her partner much more than they bargained for! In this case, I would say don’t leave home without condoms and extra blankets to spread out on the ground.

Sex on the Beach Is Not Just a drink: The most common places Americans report having sex when it’s not in their bedrooms is in a hot tub or at the beach. Sex on the beach may sound romantic, but sand has a way of creeping into places where it doesn’t belong! More significantly, most States have laws that criminalize public sexual activity—from indecent exposure to lewd acts. So it may be wise to think about the legal risk involved if you are planning to have sex in a public place.

Jacuzzis and Pools: Generally, having sex in clean water is safe and natural. However, water from the ocean, pools, and Jacuzzis can pose a problem. The vagina, in particular, is more susceptible to infection than any other sexual organ; the thrusting motion of sex can actually cause water to get into the vagina, which may contain bacteria, leading to a bacterial infection. Even if the pool or Jacuzzi has been chlorinated, you can’t always be certain it’s adequate.

Summer sex and condoms: Safe sex is always a topic of discussion when it comes to sex—whether it is hot or cold, in the bedroom or at the beach, rain or shine. So while you’re taking advantage of the exciting experiences the hot weather offers, always be sure to protect yourself, whether through condom use or – if you are religiously observant – another method that works within your framework of halacha. For added excitement (if things aren’t already steamy enough!), you may want to try Trojan’s Fire & Ice lubricated condoms, which offer a combination of warming, cooling, and tingling sensations, heightening the experience for both partners—summer vacation not required.

Mara Yacobi is a Certified Sexuality Educator, Licensed Social Worker and Founder of JLove and Values. Mara lives in New Jersey with her family and dreams of becoming a talk show host and finding more hours in the day.