Oneg Shabbat

A190 OnegShabbat

Written by Leon. Leon is an experienced Jewrotica writer who has published eight poems on Jewrotica. Experience Leon’s poetry here.

Oneg Shabbat means ‘Shabbat pleasures’, a euphemism for sexual delight. The two woven challot represent this essential part of the Shabbat experience – perfectly. Now your Shabbat will never be the same. Shabbat Shalom.

Oneg Shabbat

Rated RStrands of challah Lying on their backs
Sleek and waiting
Waiting for interlacing
Swelling in anticipation
Engorged with desire
This over that
That over this
Your leg over mine
My leg over yours
Torsos colliding
Arms flailing
Fingers grabbing
Eyes flaming
Hips rising
Breath abandoned.

And the sweet smell of union
Emerges from the furnace
As the fires of love
Smelt every barrier –
Two become one
As I come to you.

And as I hold them in my hands
And feel their sticky warmth
And as I lift them off the earth
I marvel at the thought:
Is it you on top and me below
or you below and me on top?

I am a late-comer to poetry especially Jewish-laced love poetry. In the last two years I have written about 50 such poems that I am now trying to publish under the title - The Metaphysics of Love. They are about love - love for women as a metaphor for the Divine love - sometimes employing very erotic images inspired by the Song of Songs and Kabbalistic literature.