Jewish Sexual Fantasies

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Written by Mark Winton and the Jewrotica team. Mark, a first-time Jewrotica writer, is a sociologist who has published articles on sexuality.

Rated PG-13Sexual fantasies are those dramas, plays, interactions or adventures, which we script in our heads that involve some type of sexual interaction. We might be an active participant, an observer or both.

Research indicates that almost everyone has sexual fantasies – though of course these vary in content and frequency.

The goal of having a sexual fantasy is usually to gain pleasure, resolve a conflict or trauma, or test out something one is considering doing in real life. In his book Who’s Been Sleeping in Your Head?, Dr. Brett Kahr points out that sexual fantasies may arouse and horrify a person at the same time.

Sexual fantasies are very personal and some suggest that we not share them with others, including intimate others. However, we at Jewrotica welcome your Jewish-based sexual fantasies! We want to know: what Jewish-based fantasy gets you hot, bothered…or confused? Email us at and help us get a finger on the collective Jewish sexual pulse.

Still not clear on what a Jewish fantasy is?

Mark Winton, who has done academic research on sexuality, defines Jewish-based sexual fantasies as follows:

“Provisionally, we might say that a Jewish sexual fantasy is one that combines some dimension of sexuality with Judaism.

Are there certain Jewish celebrities in one’s sexual fantasy?
Do people ever have sexual fantasies during or about religious functions?
Do people bring their fantasy partner'(s) religious affiliation or religiosity into the fantasy?
Are Jewish symbols used in the fantasy?
Are specific religious laws or prohibitions brought into or violated in the fantasy?
Do people tend to have the same religion-based fantasy or does it change over time?
Are there web-generated Jewish sexual fantasies?
Do certain films or books generate Jewish sexual fantasies?”

If you’ve got a fantasy that fits one or more of these criteria, share it with us. Email us at We’re excited to publish the results. (All emails will be kept strictly confidential.)

Mark is a sociologist, criminologist, and mental health counselor who has published academic books and articles on sexuality, mental disorders, sex crimes, and genocide. His recent interest focuses on religion and sexuality.