Dear Jewrotica #8 – The Hottest Jews

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Dear Jewrotica Feet

Rated PGDear Jewrotica,

Where do I go to meet the hottest Jews?

~ David from Jerusalem

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Dear Jewrotica is an advice column hosted by the Jewrotica staff. We answer questions about sex, sexual health, relationships, romance and other topics as they relate to the Jewish community, culture and tradition. Confidentiality is respected, and we'll do our best to tackle your questions with knowledge, sensitivity and tact.
  • Ayo Oppenheimer

    Oh, my… Any answers from our readers?

  • The real issue isn’t even where, but when. I know for a fact that most single Jews are actually surrounded by a veritable cornucopia of Sizzling Semitic yumminess. All you need to do to score is to allow yourself to be open to the possibilities that are presented to you on a daily basis. Lose your preconceived, prepackaged media-fed notions of what hot is and open your mind and your heart to the delicious possibilities that greet you every single day. Allow yourself to be surprised and soon you and your hot heeb will be enjoying a passionate evening together, limbs entwined… If not now, then when?

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