Your Lips of Beauty

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Written by Leon. Leon is an experienced Jewrotica writer who has published seven poems on Jewrotica. Experience Leon’s poetry here.

In the Kabbalistic symbolism of the Tree of Life – the interacting spheres of primal energy – the male and the female equivalents can be inverted. Thus the sefirah called Da’at (knowledge) is associated in the man with the lips, mouth and tongue, and in the woman with the labia, vaginal orifice, and the clitoris.

Rated RYour Lips of Beauty

O how I love your lips,
Their softness and silkiness,
Their eager responses to my mouth,
As I reach up and latch on
To the core of your being.
And as my tongue explores the hidden places,
Where life enters and life departs,
There arises from within
The smell of paradise
Burning with the passion of love.
(The muscles reflex, a breath inhaled, a moan released.)
And there, amongst the sweet wetness,
Your little tongue reaches out to greet me,
To welcome me to your shrine,
To guide me deeper,
To tempt me further,
To envelop me totally in all your womanhood.

I am a late-comer to poetry especially Jewish-laced love poetry. In the last two years I have written about 50 such poems that I am now trying to publish under the title - The Metaphysics of Love. They are about love - love for women as a metaphor for the Divine love - sometimes employing very erotic images inspired by the Song of Songs and Kabbalistic literature.