A162 eden

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Rated PG-13
I had been in the garden so long
that I forgot my name, and began
naming everything around me:

sub-molecular structure,
shall be called double-helix”

“And you,
miniature computing system,
shall be called microprocessor”

“And you,
my love, my rib,
my one and only,
I shall name you Eve.”

She offered her mouth to me.

Then her moisture.

She fisted fruit
but refused to share.
She took a bite

and her eyes went wild
and I begged.

So I brought her to the top
of the highest skyscraper in the garden
and we oversaw the world:

the vast vegetation,
the mighty rivers,
and in the distance
the glimmering banners
of the encroaching army,
twelve tribes deep,
just before the horizon.

Moonlight glowing off their shields like miniature novas.
We heard the roaring of their tanks,
and the ground rumbled beneath us
as a million monstrous mushroom clouds billowed to the heavens.

“How beautiful” said Eve,
blood dripping from her pores.

I grabbed her tight, dug
my nails deep into the back
of her neck, pierced her skin,
kissed her deep in need
of just one drop of juice.

But she sucked it dry.

Then she looked at me
like a seductive soldier
from an enemy army,
took her lips to my ear
and muttered: “Tell me your name.”

But I had forgotten,
and returned to dust
from whence I came.

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