Happy Valentine’s Day from Jewrotica!

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Question #2: What would you most like to get or be surprised with on Valentine’s Day?

Ayo Headshot UpdatedAyo: I really don’t want any surprises this year. However, about two weeks ago, I began intensive training at an acrobatics and aerial arts studio in Austin. When I haven’t been working my butt off on Jewrotica, I’ve been hanging upside down on the trapeze, climbing up ceiling-high silks and suspending partners on the lyra. All of this makes me very excited for my Valentine’s Day plans, which are a Dessert and Body Work party courtesy of Austin’s acroyoga and Thai massage community. Dessert, massage, a wonderful circle of friends and no hyped-up romance or drama? Now that sounds yummy.

Tamar FoxTamar: Last year my partner had fancy chocolates sent to me at work on Valentine’s Day, which was a total surprise and awesome. That said, I was very careful not to crow about it on social media, or anywhere, because while I love chocolate, I still think V-Day is a stupid capitalist exercise, and basically hate it. But I will accept fancy chocolate at any point, because it is lovely.

Larisa B.Larisa: Nothing.. it’s a made-up day.

LimorLimor: My own “300 tips for better sex” book in Hebrew… Not sure how I feel about it, given the fact I was robbed out of my rights to it by my trustworthy publisher way back…

Leora-Flax-PhotoLeora: Just don’t get flowers and candy. Show me that you really care by using this ridiculously commercial holiday as an excuse to get me a thoughtful, personal gift. For example, instead of a teddy bear, how about some furry handcuffs in my favorite color?

Karalyn DaneKaralyn: To be honest, I’m not into sappy romance like red roses or fake symbols of love that don’t really mean much, but I would never say no to a romantic dinner out, some sexy lingerie, a new sex toy, or even just a really good cup of coffee.

team_davidDavid: I’m single right now, so, you know, what can I possibly expect? Man I’d be happy if someone just showed up and scratched my back for five minutes. In fact, they can show up any time to do that. I really love having my back scratched, what can I say?

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Founder and editor of Jewrotica, Ayo spent the past two years full-time RVing North America with her Jewish educational film program. Ayo alternates between intensely pursuing fun new experiences and equally intensely trying to do good by people. She would love to hear from you.