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A95 dates1

Written by Michael A. Michael is a first-time Jewrotica writer.

Rated RThe previous dates had been so full of sexual tension, I thought we would both stop breathing. We both knew we were supposed to be keeping shomer negiah, “guarding touch” like we learned in our yeshiva and seminary. But I had never been good at keeping the rules and, from her provocative smile, I had a feeling that she wasn’t either.

When we got up from the coffee table, I had to awkwardly cover the bulge protruding from my slacks. She noticed and gave a coy but wide smile. Her full lips were turning my body into a blazing furnace and the shape of her breasts through her sweater made me yearn to take those succulent nipples between my teeth.

As we walked towards my waiting car, I stared at her confident gait and her full, firm ass. I could not make out any panty lines and assumed she was wearing a thong or g-string. My mind and imagination wandered as my throbbing continued, and I shifted uneasily, trying to relieve the pressure.

As we drove along the avenue, talking about our next destination, she suddenly asked: “Can we talk about what turns us on?” I was suddenly fully, painfully erect. My voice quivered. “Sure.”

She giggled.

She began with general questions about looks and personality and we bantered back and forth. Then she asked “So, what makes you hard?” I stuttered, and she giggled again.

“I saw before you were…well….excited. Does that happen often? Is it ME?” she asked playfully.

Without thinking, I turned off the road to a dark parking lot, empty aside from a sole car with out-of-state plates.

“It happens pretty often,” I told her, my voice unexpectedly husky, “but this time it’s definitely your fault.”

She laughed again, and the sound raked my over-sensitive skin. “Can I…see it?”

Whoa. This was so much, so fast. “Um…I guess?” I liked that she was being so forward, but it surprised me. This was not what we learned to expect from seminary girls.

“Let’s move to the back seat,” she suggested, her voice throatier than it was just moments before.

Guess I’m not the only one turned on, I thought, before deciding to leverage this moment.

“If you see mine, I want to see all of you,” I bargained, already sprawled across the back seat.

She smiled a sexy, shiny smile, having refreshed her lip gloss at some convenient moment I had not noticed. She pulled her sweater over her head and undid her bra in one swift movement. All I had time to do was sit her on my lap.

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  • Banana

    Raunchy, sexy and steamy!

  • Leora

    Holy I-need-a-cold-shower-and-some-not-so-quiet-time-with-my-vibrator-later, batman

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  • ProudHubby

    VERY well written, Michael! I’ll be keeping my eyes open for future submissions from you…