You’re Not Done Yet

A74 eroticpoem

Written by BJ Juneberry. BJ is a first-time Jewrotica writer. [Editor’s note: We do not endorse sex with phylacteries, but we do welcome conversation. This poem uses controversial imagery, hence the XXX rating. You’ve been forewarned.]

rating_xxxThe historic blending of religious ritual and sexuality predates the temple priestess/prostitute. Sacred prostitution in goddess temples was a common practice among the Canaanites as well as along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers until the practice was forcefully ended by Emperor Constantine after his conversion to Christianity in the 4th century. Sacred prostitution’s origin in prehistoric fertility rites has been postulated from archeological evidence linking sexual fertility with early people’s desire for agricultural fertility.

The Bible’s exclusion, in Deuteronomy 23:18-19, of the “kedeshah” or consecrated woman/ prostitute parallels women’s exclusion from many religious obligations. Thus it’s not surprising that a modern Jewish woman would modify a ritual she passionately desired which has been denied her by the orthodox establishment, and blend it with sexual passion to create her own personal religious / sexual ritual.

You’re not done yet

“You’re not done yet,” I sneer
as I walk into the room
while he’s unwinding
the flat black leather thongs

He wraps my wrists and fingers
to the thick heavy bedpost
then seven times around my arms
the black boxes dandling in my face

Crouching, I rub my lips and cheeks
across the shiny leather

He slides under me
then inches my panties
down my legs
as I plant tiny kisses
along the flat black surfaces

of one; then the other
while lowering myself
thighs wide open
toward his face

Scented juices cover him
while I suck on both boxes
wanting to be filled with
the words inside them

thrusting hard
I rock on his face
till I tremble, scream and
collapse into myself

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  • Wow. Well, I knew it was only a matter of time before we’d start getting tefillin-themed pieces…

    • BJ Juneberry

      just tell the shop owner that you’re getting a surprise birthday present for your husband 😉 the flexibility and possible variations make them worth every penny. simply wearing them according to jewish tradition and saying the morning prayers (even without sex) is thrilling…

      • Ayo Oppenheimer

        Fair. I’m not one to judge others and I’m partial to creative play myself, but I may be just a tad too traditional and reverent to actually make a partner’s tefillin dual-purpose. But who knows? Til then, you enjoy and keep on writing! 🙂

        • BJ Juneberry

          Ah! But that’s the point exactly! I’m traditional and reverent also. If a non-Jew burns a synagogue, he’s an arsonist, but if a Jew does he is sacrilegious. That’s the fine and naughty line…the poem’s protagonist utilizes “dual-purpose” tefillin precisely because she believes in their divine, and forbidden, nature.

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