Mikvah Night, Part I

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Mikvah Night Part I, Image 1
She knew Avi liked her monthly lingerie choices as much as she did because as soon as she got home he was always in the kitchen waiting for her, waiting to feel her ass through her long skirt and try to guess what was waiting for him underneath. She never wore nice clothes to the mikvah or back, what was the point? They were off of her before Avi ever even noticed what she wore. It was what she had on underneath that mattered.

Sarah also loved these nights because it was a time when Avi fed their three kids dinner, Avi gave them a bath, and Avi put them to bed. Not that she never had any other nights off, but this night was always completely her own…until she got home. Then, the night belonged to them.

She quickly and quietly slipped out of the house and drove to the local mikvah. It was only a five minute drive. She waited inside for a bit, then went into a little room that adjoined the large mikvah pool. Since she had already gotten ready at home, all she had to do was wet her body down, comb through her hair again, and then check her body in the mirror for stray hairs one last time. But as she turned on the shower and started to wet her body again, holding the shower head and moving it all around her body to make sure she was wet all over, she gasped as the shower stream hit her between her legs. The water pulsed against the lips of her vagina, hitting her clitoris in a rhythmic motion. There was nothing she could do but keep it there, aiming the water in just the right direction. Damn it! She thought as she felt herself begin to shudder, I took it too far before in the bath.

Sarah leaned her back against the cold tile wall and spread her legs further, aiming the shower head in just the right way, and bracing herself for the pleasure that was beginning to build. She felt it first in her toes, and then, she could barely stand as waves of pleasure pulsed from her slick, wet clit and rolled across her entire body. She bit her lip so she wouldn’t make any suspicious noises, and breathed in and out in fast panting breaths until the wave of the orgasm passed and she was left breathless and tingling from every pore.

Sarah pressed her forehead against the cool tile. Well, that had certainly never happened to her before. She quickly got out of the bath and pushed the button that would call the mikvah attendant to her, indicating that she was ready for immersion. She followed the attendant out toward the large pool in the flip flops provided, removed the towel from around her body,  and head bowed, she modestly handed the towel to the attendant and began walking down the seven steps into the warm rain-fed pool. There was no way the attendant could tell what had just happened, was there?

This was usually one of her other favorite parts of the night, dipping her whole body into these waters seven times. It felt so good, so wholesome and holy, yet sensual as well. There’s nothing like water on naked skin. But as she dove down, recited the blessings and prayers, and popped back up, she didn’t feel the way she usually did. The attendant called out “kosher” seven times, but Sarah didn’t feel kosher at all. She felt bold, brazen, full of life and passion, but somewhat embarrassed too, and more than a little ashamed.

She walked out of the mikvah, wrapped herself back up in the towel and rushed back to her room to get dressed. It wasn’t until she was already home, getting out of the car, and fumbling the keys in the lock when she realized that she’d completely forgotten to put on the leopard-print hot-pink thong that she’d stuffed in her purse to wear on her way home.

Tears started to form in her eyes. What a disaster of a night. She orgasmed at the mikvah before she’d even immersed herself and then she forgot the most important thing of all! How self-absorbed had she become that she forget to even put on sexy underwear for Avi?

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Staff writer and editor at Jewrotica, Karalyn Dane is a poet and a novelist with a penchant for beer and unusual vegetables. She may or may not live out the many fantasies that she writes about on this site.
  • bazbaz

    i loooove that this is about a married couple. so hot!

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  • Goldie Silver

    Very well written, accuratly and detailed, if I may ask did u get a pat down from the Mikvah attendent as well, to check ur body for any foreign objects prior to ur dip, if yes how did u feel about it, standing nude for inspection, was it erotic for you, had she noticed your inflamed puss? Did u remember to put on ur bra?

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