Jewrotica Fantasies – Lilith

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Lilith is the first post in a series of Jewrotica Fantasies.  These fantasies, belonging to Jewish women and men, have either been submitted directly to Jewrotica or compiled from certified sex therapists – including our own Dr. Limor – with the permission of the clients involved.  

Rated RWe agree to meet on the corner of Columbus and Broadway. It’s a fairly close walk from my apartment and I get to make my “entrance,” like I’ve been fantasizing about for months. This man has been haunting my mind for three months now, our circumstances complicated by distance, and the fact that we are both in committed relationships. We’d chat or Skype for hours at the strangest times and places, with no thought to the risk involved. Invariably, these conversations would end with both of us panting in front of our laptops, feeling both spent and somehow unsatisfied. I’ve allowed him–no, commanded him–to invade my body in all possible ways just like the first and leading matriarch I was named after, who insisted on dominating shivery Adam back there in Eden. However, I have yet to feel his hands on me, firm and strong as the voice that commands, over fiber optic wires, that I come for him, hard and fast and now.

I’m soaked thinking about our last Skype session as I approach the corner, checking my reflection in a nearby window. I’m in a tight tube top–braless, of course–and tiny shorts. I wonder if the construction workers who hooted at me just now can tell that I’m not wearing any underwear? I look back at the workers, in their hard hats and work shirts, and imagine being crushed against their sweaty bodies. Imagine begging them to fuck me. Hard.

There’s a car idling at the corner: silver. Tinted windows. It’s him! He must recognize me too, because the door opens and he runs to me, enfolding me in those strong arms. “You’re even more beautiful than I imagined,” he says, his voice uncoiling seductively into my ear, which is suddenly extremely sensitive. My shorts are wet.

“You’re very handsome yourself,” I whisper, trying hard not to fall apart right there and then, before I even reach the passenger seat. We settle in the car but he’s not moving, he’s staring at me. My inner beast yells “just take me now, right here, just tear these clothes off and penetrate me!” but I keep silent, breathing in every moment of this incredible tingling sensation between my legs.

“I can’t believe you’re here, finally. I can’t believe this is real. Can we go somewhere?” he asks.

I nod, and as he drives down the block, I start getting comfortable in my seat, spreading my legs apart, signaling to him that he can start now, just like we planned. He gasps in satisfaction and sends a gentle, sturdy hand over between my legs. I’m so wet that a trail of desire is running down my thigh, soaking my seat, as he starts caressing my swollen clit. I’m sighing with pleasure, I can’t contain it! A few precious seconds after, I cum for the first time, undone by his glorious touch. I see the bulging erection in his pants, aiming to devour my very being, and shiver in anticipation.

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Dr. Limor Blockman, Jewrotica's new Author and Cultural Outreach Director, is a renowned clinical sex counselor, educator, columnist, speaker and author. Dr. Limor holds a PhD in Human Sexuality, a Master’s in Public Health & Community Medicine and a Bachelor’s in Psychology & Behavioral Sciences.