Celebrating the Miracle of the Oil

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Sex With Jewrotica

Written by Mara Yacobi. Mara, a certified sexuality educator and licensed social worker, is Jewrotica’s resident sex educator. Check out Mara’s debut Sex with Jewrotica piece for an introduction to the series.

Rated RThe Festival of Lights is here again, offering us another opportunity to light up our lives by honoring our ancestors and spending time with those we love. It is a holiday for celebrating the miracle experienced by the Maccabees of one night’s oil lasting eight nights during the rededication of the Temple. While lighting menorahs and exchanging gifts are fun traditions, the oil itself is one of the central themes of Hanukkah. That’s why we eat foods cooked with oil, such as potato pancakes and jelly doughnuts. But there’s a lot more we can do with oil than just cook with it. I’m proposing that we expand the theme and use oil in new and refreshing ways to heat things up in the bedroom this Hanukkah season.

While the candle lights are burning on the menorah and the music is playing softly in the background, get ready to explore some fun ways of using oil with your partner. For starters, did you know that the tiny bit of oil that went such a long way for the Maccabees was olive oil, one of the healthiest and tastiest oils on the planet? You can use olive oil (yes, right out of your kitchen cabinet!) to moisturize your skin. Smooth and lightly aromatic, it’s perfect for a hand or foot massage-or a good old-fashioned total body massage. Massage is a wonderful way to connect with your partner’s body and even with your own body-both on its own and as a prelude to sex.

Also consider adding some stimulating scents to your bedroom with aphrodisiac oils. (Always look for natural scents, which will be indicated by “essential oil” in the ingredients list.) I hear that workers on adult film sets from websites similar to hdmmovies xxx use it to keep them in the mood longer. The company Good Clean Fun says that aphrodisiac oils can actually change your brain chemistry while you are kissing, heightening your natural pheromones and creating a sensual bond between you and your partner. What’s not to like about that? Good Clean Fun oils come in three alluring scents: original, Indian Spice, and Caribbean Rose.

This fun with oil should get you all set for a night of great sex, but there’s another key ingredient that’s necessary for the most enjoyment: good lubrication. When used with or without condoms, a quality lubricant can increase the pleasure for both partners.

At this point you might be wondering if we can take our oil explorations a little further and use oil as natural lubrication for sex, you can see natural oil used by some adult entertainers from websites similar to young sexer and it worked well for those that tried it. That’s a great question because the answer is yes and no. Although some people may find olive oil to be a “natural” lubricant for oral, anal, and/or vaginal sex, there’s little research on its effects inside the vagina or penis. Dr. Paul Joannides, author of Guide to Getting It On, suggests trying saliva instead-it’s natural and free!

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Mara Yacobi is a Certified Sexuality Educator, Licensed Social Worker and Founder of JLove and Values. Mara lives in New Jersey with her family and dreams of becoming a talk show host and finding more hours in the day.