A Visit to the World Erotic Art Museum

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World Erotic Art Museum 1

The Entrance to WEAM, An “Erotically Themed Bed” and the Collection’s First Piece (“The Girl in the Rose”)

I enjoyed seeing how the depictions and cultural norms change from room to room and how each culture represents sexuality in its own way.  There are paintings, figurines and artistic sexual objects from Asia, Africa and all around the world.  For example, there are a series of figurines akin to Russian dolls, however instead of smaller dolls hiding inside each casing, there are instead intricately-dressed figurines copulating.  A series of figurines in the Asian section feature ladies that are outwardly modest and elaborately dressed, but – when you flip the figurine upside down (or look into the strategically positioned mirror placed by the museum) – you find that the woman is bottomless and a man is hiding beneath her skirts!

There is Jewish-themed work in the museum, as well.  An entire section is dedicated to the characters of Adam and Eve, and their story as portrayed by different cultures.  There is abstract work by contemporary Israeli artists, sketches of Hassidim in modern settings and a risqué take on Noah’s Ark where humans and animals alike are grateful to have been spared the flood in pairs.  There was one painting of three nude women holding a globe atop their hands.  Though this did not at first glance seem to be Jewishly connected, I could not help but think that this could indeed be a saucy and revolutionary take on “Al Shlosha Dvarim Ha’Olam Omed” – (On Three Things the World Stands, Ethics of Our Father 1:2).  To see Torah in the depiction of the nude female form!

World Erotic Art Museum 2

A Montage of the Adam and Eve Collection

World Erotic Art Museum 4

A Mischievous Noah’s Ark and Hasidim

World Erotic Art Museum 3

A Modern Israeli Work

World Erotic Art Museum 5

Al Shlosha Dvarim Ha’Olam Omed  – On Three Things the World Stands

In addition to strolling through the rooms, there is a film in the main show room that is worth checking out for added insight into the pieces… and if you get a kick out of hearing a bubbe who is now a recognized expert on erotic art point out the significance of the placement of a “tush” in a painting.  If you think your partner can handle it, WEAM is an intelligent, erotically-charged and arousing place to bring a significant other – though perhaps not on a first date.  Spending an hour or two at the museum should be plenty for most visitors, though die-hard readers may wish to experience WEAM as a full or half-day activity.

Beyond the beauty, the thrill and the art, what I appreciated most about the World Erotic Art Museum was its bigger picture message: that sexuality is beautiful, it is normal, it is positive and it is a universal blessing and reality shared by cultures around the world.  And that is a message that we at Jewrotica can get behind.

Light and Love,

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