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Friends, Rated PG

I love receiving your feedback and we as a team are working hard to incorporate your suggestions.

In addition to rolling out new content vehicles like Dear Jewrotica and Sex with Jewrotica (an educational series to be launched next week), we have made changes to the ways that you can view pieces on the site.

Each Jewrotica story can be opened in a multi-page view for those who like to pause during long stories and “bookmark” where they’re at, as well as a single-page view for those readers who prefer to read the entire piece on one page. To access the single page option, scroll to the bottom of the piece (below the Continue Reading link) and click on the Single Page link.

We have also made improvements that will allow you to more fully participate in the site.   You can now rate pieces on a scale of 1-10 stars and choose your experience through the PG, PG-13, R or XXX customization settings.

I also received a request for anonymous commenting capabilities.  In light of this, we recently migrated our comments from the Facebook system to Disqus. While we hope our readers will feel comfortable commenting under their true identities and through their Facebook profiles, we understand the need for flexibility in this area. Our Facebook page is always hopping and is a great place to start, but I encourage you to join us in creating a lively conversation under whatever name you see fit right here on Jewrotica.

Lastly, we made a team decision to take on a new posting rhythm.  We at Jewrotica will be taking a break on weekends and not posting on Shabbat.  However, that rest time will definitely pay off as we will be serving up one or two delicious pieces of original Jewrotica content every weekday.  So, take the time to miss us on the weekends but be sure to check back often during the week!

Future improvements that we’re working on include a way to sort pieces by star rating (so that you can instantly view the most popular pieces) as well as offering a print-friendly view for each piece (so that Sabbath-observant readers can print our content for Shabbat reading, per an email request).

Do you love these changes and improvements to Jewrotica?  Want to tell us how great we are for listening?  🙂  Do you have ideas for other improvements?  Or thoughts about what other functionalities you would like to see incorporated into the site?  Speak up, my friends, speak up!

With that, I wish each of you a wonderful and tasty Thanksgiving filled with gratitude and love.  I am thankful for your belief in this site,  your participation in this community and your feedback!

Light and Love,

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Founder and editor of Jewrotica, Ayo spent the past two years full-time RVing North America with her Jewish educational film program. Ayo alternates between intensely pursuing fun new experiences and equally intensely trying to do good by people. She would love to hear from you.