Started With a Bris, Ended With a Bang

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Brit and Bang 1

Sydney kissed her parents, wished them a mazal tov, took the proffered challah, and smiled. She recited the bracha, committed to memory almost at birth, and took a bite of the lucky bread.  Her father smiled and spoke again, “Auf simchas” (at celebrations). Then he walked off to shake hands and schmooze with some other guests. Sydney was left alone with her mother.

“So, what’s new?” Goldie eyed her critically, “You look nice. Your dress is a little sexy for this occasion, but you’re here. Tell me, when are you seeing Michael again?”

“We’re getting together next weekend.” Sydney hadn’t worked out all the logistics of their next date yet.

“Good.” Goldie nodded, her chins bobbing up and down, “I want to be eating challah at your son’s bris too, someday.”

“I know Ma,” Sydney looked around hoping to find her sister Esti.  Instead, she saw her Aunt Mildred approaching. She was hard to miss.

“Shaindy, I haven’t seen you in how long now? How are you? Busy, such a career girl. Did you see Zolly yet? He always asks about you, you were so close when you were little.”

Sydney and her cousin Zolly had been best friends until they were around twelve years old. Sometime after that Sydney discovered high school and Zolly discovered pot.  He was still fun, but somewhat single-minded.  He’d made it through college though, became an accountant, gotten married, and even had a baby. Sydney was kept up to date with regular data downloads from her mother. She assumed he’d gotten over his pot habit.

“No, is he here?”

“I just saw him a minute ago,” Mildred scanned the room. “Ah, there he is, see, over there, at the dessert table.”

Sydney looked over to where Mildred was pointing; Zolly was even easier to spot than his mother, given that he was around 6’5 and almost as wide. Sydney extracted herself from her mother and aunt, just as she heard her mother reporting, “Yes, she’s seeing somebody. Very nice, very successful. A bra factory, very big.  I don’t know yet what’s gonna be, I don’t like to pressure. That’s not my way….”

“Hey Zolly, it’s been ages.” Sydney reached up to kiss his cheek. As he bent over so she could get closer, Zolly knocked over a plate of cookies and spilled some coffee onto his sports shirt.

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