An Oh-So-Presidential Analysis

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Introduction written by Karalyn Dane.  Karalyn is a first-time Jewrotica writer.PG-13

Come on, admit it. You’ve thought about it, and even if you haven’t, you should have.

One night with the President…that super comfy White House bed? Or maybe it’s not President Obama you’ve fantasized about…maybe Romney is more your type? Or do you have the hots for Michelle? For Ann?

Forget about politics for a second. Let’s rate the candidates on a different scale: If you could have one night in the White House…who would you spend it with?

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Staff writer and editor at Jewrotica, Karalyn Dane is a poet and a novelist with a penchant for beer and unusual vegetables. She may or may not live out the many fantasies that she writes about on this site.
  • Banana

    Thank you Shayna for a light hearted post! Finally! I’m so tired of people going crazy arguing their brains out for one candidate over another. I have outrageous points of view on election however I never try to convince the other to follow my path nor do I badger another and tell him/her that his/her choice for president/congressman is stupid, silly, unbelievable etc. People can sure turn into monsters on this one day that happens every four years. I’m over it! Give me some vodka and some music… I’m going out to have light hearted naughty fun!

  • This was refreshingly light and came just in the nick of time. Something to ponder while everyone else was glued to their televisions for the voting stats. Thanks, Karalyn and Shayna!

  • Thanks 🙂