Meeting Diane

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Meeting Diane 3

I rolled her over onto her back and massaged the fronts of her legs, her tummy and chest. I couldn’t resist adding kisses to her tummy, breasts and the insides of her thighs before stretching out beside her and taking her in my arms for some passionate kissing and fondling.

Turning her on her side, I cupped her bottom with my hand, giving it a friendly swat. “I believe it’s time for a certain naughty girl to have her tushy tanned, isn’t it young lady?” Diane giggled as I re-positioned myself on the bed, leaning against the headboard. “Over my lap now, my girl.” She giggled again and scurried herself into position across my bare thighs.

I was in heaven. Here was this beautiful woman lying across my lap with her perfectly rounded bottom just waiting for the touch of my hand. Emphasizing that gorgeous bottom, Diane wriggled provocatively across my lap. My hand came down briskly on her right cheek. She wriggled and giggled some more.

“So you think this is a joke, do you?” I asked with false indignation, bringing my hand down for a dozen rapid stingers. My spanks were just sharp enough to bring a nice tingle to Diane’s bottom, but were not overly intense. After all, we were just getting started.

When giving a playful spanking like this, I like to vary the sensations, so I alternated between a series of slow sharp spanks and a flurry of medium intensity ones which had her hopping. In between, I gently rubbed and caressed her beautiful bottom, reveling in the softness and warmth of her skin beneath my hand. My fingertips glided ever so lightly up and down her legs. Parting her legs with my hand, I ran my fingers up the inside of each thigh before delivering a flurry of spanks to each cheek.

My left hand snaked under her body and began to knead and massage her naked breasts, paying particular attention to her erect nipples, as I continued to spank her with my right hand. I leaned over and kissed her back and glowing bottom, still rolling first her left then right nipple between my fingers.

With my right hand, I paused from the spanking and reached down into her flowing fountain of womanhood to caress and tickle her passion button with Diane spreading her legs wide to accommodate my probing fingers. I brought my left hand down from her breasts to her quim, firmly tickling her button as I resumed spanking her with my right hand. She bucked and bounced on my lap like a bronco as I continued to spank away. Diane dug her head into a pillow and bit hard to keep from screaming.

Meanwhile, a part of me had long come to stiff attention beneath her bouncing hips, which she could no doubt feel and was on the verge of eruption, but I couldn’t think about that then. I wrapped my left hand around her right hip and hugged her body as close to mine as I could. “Home stretch, Diane. Take a few deep breaths before I begin.”

She pounded the mattress with her fists. Down and down came my hand, raining firmly stinging spanks all over her bottom and upper thighs at a pace of two or three per second for a solid three minutes. Three minutes may not sound like much but when you multiply that by an average of 150 sharp spanks per minute, it adds up to one intense climax.

We were both breathing heavily when I stopped and Diane’s eyes had started to mist up. She was shaking all over as I gently helped her off my lap and cuddled her in my arms, stroking her hair and kissing her lightly on the forehead. She hugged me tightly, nuzzling my semi-furry chest. And people ask me why I like spanking so much.

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