JDate… Online Dating From a Male Perspective

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What about those IT guys, whose eyes are constantly staring at a 30 computer inch monitor all day chatting with angry customers on technical support? Well never fear, you can chat real-time with people with online dating, too. Unfortunately for those in small communities, you’ll see that 95% of the JDate women online are from New York, Maryland, or Los Angeles, but when that person from your small Jewish town gets online, it’s a great chance for you to show off your words per minute speed and make an impression on a girl who might not have viewed your profile before.
I might’ve gotten in trouble on my first day on JDate, since I was IM-ing women in New York about how the Giants are a horrible football team, but regardless this option allows those a reprieve from daily work activities and a chance to make that online connection that wouldn’t have happened if you had just been talking to Ramesh from Outsource Inc all day. And heck, one day, with the right opening IM, that woman who you’ve been eyeing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, might get back to you with a follow-up emoticon.
All in all, JDate is an adventure, which is why I signed up. One year, less than $200 (50 cents a day really) with a chance to meet a bunch of new friends, or meet the person you spend the rest of your life with. It’s a low-risk, high-reward proposition, unless you’re the type who has a penchant for screwing up dates or conveying a false online persona similar to the man described in the Brad Paisley song.
Will I have these same feelings about online dating on September 18th 2013 as I’m gearing up for a Cowboys Super Bowl repeat? Stay tuned for new updates on my Jdate adventures.
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  • Adam, I’d be interested in an update. How many of those fine Austin ladies gave you a second chance because of your profile? And what went into the decision to use Jdate as opposed to the myriad of other websites out there?

    Thanks for allowing us to share your story, and good luck!

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