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“Wait!” You say. “Why did you join JDate then, being that you live in a city with a smaller Jewish population than the amount of kids Octomom’s household, and where most of the Jewish girls already know you from your partially witty status updates and not so romantic photos on Facebook?”
Simple. JDate allows another side of you that isn’t your Facebook. Yes, my JDate profile does resemble me in that it’s slightly sarcastic, mildly over the top, complete with conjured up rap lyrics that would make even Tupac jealous, but it is serious as well. It signifies to some women that “hey, I won’t use verbs that I found from synonymous for howtomakemelookandsoundlikeaaronrodgers.com, and I’m a little off-base in how I come across, but also serious in being someone women would want to date and have a relationship with.”
Yes, some of the women in my small Jewish town might read it and laugh, but others may say “Hey, I never knew this side of him, maybe I’ll give him a shot”. This works both ways, when guys view girls’ profiles as well, even though many of us take one look at the photo and simply click “No.”
Even better, for some folks that aren’t exactly Shakespearean in their word diction, there’s a “flirt” option, which allows for slightly cheesy dialogue that is sure to make the opposite party crack a smile and maybe give an emoticon back. Being that I’m a paid member now, I tried this button twice on two different girls.
After four days, the flirt button has not worked, probably because a) when I flirted at the time, I had no picture and had the term “body paint myself for UNT football games”, which probably made the girl think that b) I was grossly overweight with more chins than the 2006 graduating class of Shanghai University and c) an overzealous sports fan with a hardcore alcohol addiction from August 30 (Chick Fila-A college kickoff) to February 3 (Super Bowl). Or they didn’t like a 24 year old. Either way, the flirt button is a great tool for those too scared to compose an e-mail.

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  • Adam, I’d be interested in an update. How many of those fine Austin ladies gave you a second chance because of your profile? And what went into the decision to use Jdate as opposed to the myriad of other websites out there?

    Thanks for allowing us to share your story, and good luck!

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