Confession #9 – [City Redacted], CA

Rabbi Congregation Sex Image
Rumors of the Rabbi sleeping with congregants?  It was true.  And he was great.

– Female, 43, [City Redacted] (CA)

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  • I redacted the city on this confession to prevent needless speculation and lashon hara in the author’s home community.

    It’s interesting how my reaction to this piece changes depending on who I imagine the rabbi to be. This confession just feels all wrong if I read it as my home rabbi or as any older, established and respected figure.

    But when I read the confession as being about a young, single and recently-ordained Rabbi who is new to the community… well, let’s just say that’s a scenario I could get down with. 🙂

    • Mara Yacobi

      I think was a good idea to remove the name of the city- it demonstrates the ethical obligation to truly keep the confession anonymous and uphold the integrity of not crossing over the line of lashon hara. Wise choice for a mysterious confession…