Confession #7 – Jerusalem, Israel

palestinian girl synagogue

I made aliyah 9 years ago and had a great goodbye party, little wild though. I got permission to use the premises of a shul to do it (not the sanctuary itself of course) and I had mostly Jewish guests but also some non-Jews mainly from college… including a Palestinian girl.

I made out with a few girls that I’d had romantic situations with in the past as a way of saying goodbye, but only had sex with one… yes, right, the Palestinian. She grabbed my ass and I understood that it was better to continue outside. We started kissing, then she gave me a short BJ and we had sex…

So… I had sex with a Palestinian, in a shul, before I made aliyah to Israel and served in the IDF…  Life is strange!

– Male, 33, Jerusalem Israel

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  • Life is strange, indeed. How was that experience for you? Did you and your Palestinian friend ever talk about the fact that you were making aliyah and serving in the army?

    I often joke that the world would be a much happier place if there were mandatory inter-everything cuddle puddles (the PG version of your rendezvous), though even they may only be able to temporarily distract from and mildly temper the bigger picture issues.